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 Jim Adkins - “We'll invite you to our party down at McDonald's. We'll have all the coffee you can drink, but it's a dutch treat. We're not giving it to you.”
 Greg Adkins - “Right now, it looks like we'll have to fingerprint everyone who may come into contact with children at schools. It's pretty expansive.”
 Jim Adkins - “It's a grounding force for us, living here. The music scene consists of people who care about satisfying themselves through their creative ambitions, and not trying to be anything more than that. We wanted to get back to that idea, where you just forget about everything except writing songs. This time it took a while to achieve what we wanted. We had to get our heads into the zone where we were ready to kill ourselves to finish this. And did.”
 Greg Adkins - “It has been extremely busy all week getting them printed. They were here (Thursday) morning before 7 o'clock waiting in line outside.”
 Trace Adkins - “This is basically an advertisement for your farm, ... The dairy industry isn't in great shape right now. The economy is putting the hurt on everybody, so you do everything you can to promote your business.”
 Greg Adkins - “It's adding to their cost of operations, but like any business, they'll probably add it onto our costs.”
 Trace Adkins - “Country music fans are the best everywhere and they've always made me feel like I'm at home, no matter what zip code I'm in. I just want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for blessing me with such an incredible career that I truly enjoy.”
 Jim Adkins - “Now we've finally been able to give them a common home where they work really well as a whole, which is a relief. We didn't want to see them just trickle out randomly or even worse just sit in the vault until the next record or who knows how long. So that's the beauty of technology We can get songs out to our fans whenever and however we want.”
 James Adkins - “The thing about baseball is, it takes one pitch to change a game. He just got the bat head out. Every pitcher in America's going to say, 'Darn it, that shouldn't have been hit.' But he hit my pitch.”
 Brian Adkins - “I was happy. We played average at best in the beginning, but when we went down 6-5 we got some rhythm going in our offense and scored the next four goals.”
 Dan Adkins - “We're moving ahead. We should've been in operation by now.”
 Kim Adkins - “I know I had to have myself checked regularly because I want to be healthy -- the older you get the less you know what is inside your body. You have to be checked to make sure nothing is going wrong ... There is nothing to be afraid of. It's something that, if you catch it early enough, you can avoid more complicated problems in the future.”
 Greg Adkins - “This activity has an MHSA-approved scoring system very similar to track and field. Just getting a seat on a varsity trip is a big accomplishment in our program. To be selected on the state team is a big deal. These kids are the best and brightest.”
 Keith Adkins - “It's been tremendous. Take away the scoring ability and what (Ingles) does on the floor. He brings experience. He's helped show a young and inexperienced team the way.”
 Keith Adkins - “It's been tremendous. Take away the scoring ability and what (Ingles) does on the floor. He brings experience. He's helped show a young and inexperienced team the way.”
 Jim Adkins - “Cork offers the ability to provide our customers with multilingual support.”
 Jim Adkins - “Cork offers Amazon the ability to provide our customers with multi-lingual support, something that is critically important as we continue to grow our business.”

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