My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeremiah Adrian - “I've got nothing to lose, so I'm going to give it my best shot and see what happens.”
 Pete Adrian - “I think we're improving every time out. A lot of teams take a step forward and then go backward a little, but this team hasn't done that. I'm pleased with our progress.”
 Jeremiah Adrian - “He got a takedown late in the first period and then put me on my back in the second and I was down 5-0 and it just went downhill from there. It was a good feeling to be out here tonight after not winning a match my first two times here.”
 Pete Adrian - “We were very disappointed in the way our special teams played. Those things got us off on the wrong foot and got Virginia State off on a high note, and we never recovered.”
 Ben Adrian - “I'm in. It was prom, the whole thing is like a movie, so making it into a movie ... it was like the whole point of the night.”
 Ben Adrian - “Nobody wanted to fight on prom night. We didn't want to risk it.”
 Pete Adrian - “We saw some guys at the (Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference) Media Day -- Rodney (Hughes) and Vernon (Edwards) -- and we talked. There are no ill feelings. I'm looking forward to seeing them. I'm thinking about giving a chest bump to Larry Summers. He and I used to do that all the time.”
 Ben Adrian - “I'd like to see it convince others to do it like we do. It was the most amazing thing I've ever been a part of in my whole life. I think everyone should feel that way about prom.”
 Jeremiah Adrian - “This is pretty unbelievable. Winning that first match down here lifted a huge weight from my chest. I think my confidence in myself and wrestling my style was a big reason for doing well down here this time.”
 Pete Adrian - “Daryl has certainly been a bull. He's a young man with great balance and he's extremely strong. He's able to lower his shoulder and run over people. It takes a couple of people to bring him down. He's been great as a blocker, as well as when we put him back in the I formation or the one-back. He's got very good hands, too.”
 Pete Adrian - “You always want to win your first game because it does set the tone for the season. Being a new staff, it's very important that we try and win this football game. We're trying to get a new attitude going, and there's nothing like success to get people to buy into what you're trying to do.”
 Jeremiah Adrian - “We're disappointed we lost, but for our team this was huge to be down here. It's quite an accomplishment to get to team state and to be the first to do it is something we'll remember for years to come.”