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 Richie Adubato - “We have to win our games at home with five of those last seven games on the road, ... We have to beat Indiana and Connecticut in these next two games.”
 Richie Adubato - “Donna Orender, who took over as president of the WNBA this year from Val Ackerman, challenges Swoopes's observations, noting If anything, the league has more momentum than we've ever had. Our attendance is flat, but we've generated at least 10 new sponsorships in each of our markets and we're holding our own with regards to television. At the end of the day, we will have drawn more than two million fans. ... The key to growth is getting more games on television.”
 Richie Adubato - “We almost had them over there at their place and we got the overtime game here, ... But this one is really big because we're at home and because of our schedule down the stretch. It's absolutely critical that we win these games at home.”
 Richie Adubato - “We've been through a tough situation with these road games against very good teams, but here we are, tied up coming into the final week, ... It should be an exciting last week for the fans and I know our players are looking forward to it.”
 Richie Adubato - “I came in with the idea this is what our team is all about - big guards. A lot of overall size, you can switch a lot. But sometimes you're dealt a different hand.”
 Richie Adubato - “I thought Detroit played very good defense, ... They picked up our picks and screens, and then, once we got behind, I think our players were just trying to do too much by themselves.”
 Richie Adubato - “Vickie made a great play. She has been making them for a long time. Her heart is big and she just makes big plays.”
 Richie Adubato - “The break in the schedule a week ago helped us . . . to get our continuity, to get our defense together, ... Our offensive execution is way better than it was. . . . The big thing is we've got a pretty good rotation now. They're starting to feel more familiar with each other's games, and that takes a little time. We're still not there, but if we didn't have the break in the schedule I don't think we could have been able to get to where we are.”
 Richie Adubato - “We got a break because Leslie went out, ... The time that she was out, we went to Chas Melvin and she was able to take the ball to the hole twice, get fouled and score.”
 Richie Adubato - “That's where it all starts for us because they will pound the boards and create second shots for themselves, ... That has killed us at times this season. Our bigs have to box out and match up with them for us to have a chance.”
 Richie Adubato - “They really jumped on us early, ... We tried to pound it inside and got nothing out of it. I thought we might have gotten hit one or two times, but the refs didn't agree. It's hard to complain, since we shot more free throws than they did, but I thought it really changed the start of the game.”
 Richie Adubato - “We're just carrying out our assignments better, ... Our weak-side defense is better, and we're rebounding better.”
 Richie Adubato - “Yes, there are some teams struggling, but the league will be OK as long as David Stern still believes in it, ... The play is much better than it was earlier. We're like the NBA was 20, 25 years ago. There is a foundation, and we need to build on it.”
 Richie Adubato - “Usually Temeka is able to go by you. But her pull-up jump shot . . . it's amazing how she can get it off on bigger people, ... She's done that to people 6-foot, 6-1.”
 Richie Adubato - “It's been a really tough time for Temeka, ... She tried to go, but it was obvious that she really was not herself. We're just trying to support her as she goes through a real emotional time.”
 Richie Adubato - “The better team won tonight, ... We chose the wrong night to not play at our best.”
 Richie Adubato - “The way I look at it, every game is a playoff game from here on out, ... It starts tonight against Connecticut. Every one of these teams will be fighting to make the playoffs, so we have to play like a playoff team.”
 Richie Adubato - “Our players understand how critical each of these games are if we want to make the playoffs, ... Tonight at New York is probably the biggest game of the year. I thought Sunday's game at Connecticut was the biggest game of the year. They keep getting bigger. With the way Detroit is playing, we have to get a win, no question.”
 Richie Adubato - “It was an Alana Beard show tonight, ... Our goal is to get 10 steals a game, that's the entire team. So if someone gets seven, that's a phenomenal show.”
 Richie Adubato - “She has been in the starting lineup from the beginning. When Alana (Beard) was out early, she carried us. I think that puts her above everyone else.”
 Richie Adubato - “It was the Alana Beard show tonight. Her performance was unbelievable. Our team goal is to get 10 steals per game, and Alana almost did that on her own. She was phenomenal.”
 Richie Adubato - “We had no answer for them today, ... We couldn't stop them.”