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 David Aebischer - “You should win those games. Right now we are a little short. We've lost games weirdly.”
 David Aebischer - “Usually, you should win these games. Somehow right now, we are a little short.”
 David Aebischer - “Usually, you should win those games. Somehow, right now, we're a little short. Unfortunately, we lost again. I don't know if it's weird. I think we just have to play a little bit better and do the little things.”
 David Aebischer - “The last two games I've played better, the way I know I can. I've been struggling, but it's good to be back.”
 David Aebischer - “That's the way it is. You just have to play well and don't give him a reason to pull you.”
 David Aebischer - “Sometimes it doesn't really matter how you win, just as long as you win. I've been playing, I would say, pretty good of late and I can be happy that we score a lot of goals. That helps.”
 David Aebischer - “It would be good to be 6-1 (against Minnesota). It's a hard-working team over there, and they did what they had to do.”
 David Aebischer - “It's great for Swiss hockey that we won. We have to be careful because it's one game.”
 David Aebischer - “We are going to have to win over Germany and Italy, that's where we focus.”
 David Aebischer - “It's really close, winning and losing. It's usually one pass play, one power play or one PK (penalty kill). If we raise the bar a little higher, we're going to be all right.”
 David Aebischer - “He's pretty good on breakaways. I thought he was going to go high glove. He came down with speed and I thought he might go wide and he shot right over my glove.”
 David Aebischer - “It was the first time I had seen them. They work hard and move the puck pretty well. They have one of the highest scoring teams so I know you can't give them too much. I thought we played well for 50 minutes.”
 David Aebischer - “This is the time you are going to see the Czechs, the U.S. and everybody step it up.”
 David Aebischer - “This was good for Swiss hockey but at the same time, it's one game.”
 David Aebischer - “A six-on-four is never easy. There's so many bodies in front of the net. I feel pretty good the way I'm moving right now. I worked hard on it during the period where I didn't play much, so I'm happy that I could take advantage of that time.”
 David Aebischer - “I think the biggest difference is I'm having fun. I think I was a little bit too tight. Now I go out there and play hard, but I have fun at the same time. It makes it me a little bit more focused when you're not as tight.”
 David Aebischer - “I feel better and better every day. It's 1 inch. It's not a lot, but at the same time, it is a lot. It's definitely different.”
 David Aebischer - “I think a couple of times he missed his shot.”
 David Aebischer - “There are going to be days like this and periods like the first. It was the same thing in Chicago. Today it was the first period. In Chicago it was a bad second period.”
 David Aebischer - “We're going to have to win against Germany and Italy. We have to enjoy this moment for a couple of hours today.”
 David Aebischer - “They had some good chances in the first period, but I made some pretty good saves. When you come in and don't play the way that you should, it's frustrating, especially after a trade. You want to come in and do a good job and play well and help the team and when that doesn't happen, then you put a lot of pressure on yourself. It was good tonight to get two points.”
 David Aebischer - “It's nicer to have them chant your name than to do the opposite.”
 David Aebischer - “It doesn't really matter who you're facing. It's great to have an opportunity to play against a team like that and unfortunately we came up short tonight but that's one game. We have to put it behind us and look forward because there are a lot of tough games coming up.”
 David Aebischer - “It was never one of my goals for this year, ... Sure, it would be nice to make it, but that's the way it is.”
 David Aebischer - “We played pretty hard. We had a little trouble the first 50 minutes. We didn't really play our game, but in the end it was a win for us.”

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