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 Arron Afflalo - “I definitely think we're playing our best basketball definitely defensively. We know what's allowing us to win games right now.”
 Arron Afflalo - “We'll be very good next year. This team knows what it takes to get to this point. We should be right back here, hopefully.”
 Arron Afflalo - “I wanted to congratulate him on a good year, but I didn't want to do anything dramatic, like hug him for an hour.”
 Arron Afflalo - “Our heart and everything we do on the floor is always a tribute to him, whether he's healthy or not.”
 Arron Afflalo - “Right now, we're on a mission. There's nothing individual about myself or Jordan or anyone else on this team.”
 Arron Afflalo - “It's no problem. Just approach everything one thing at a time. When you are on the floor, you focus on the floor. Same way for school. I have a new task at hand each day.”
 Arron Afflalo - “We just played with a lot of energy at the end. Obviously, it was desperation time. We were very fortunate tonight.”
 Arron Afflalo - “Obviously, it was desperation time, being down nine with three minutes to go. But three minutes is a long time with only a nine-point lead.”
 Arron Afflalo - “When we were down nine, it became a kind of desperation time for us. But three minutes is a long time.”
 Arron Afflalo - “Obviously it was desperation time, down nine with three minutes to go. You've got to bring it all out.”
 Arron Afflalo - “Obviously it was desperation being down nine with 3 minutes left. But 3 minutes is a long time and nine points is four possessions. We were very fortunate tonight.”
 Arron Afflalo - “You're down like that, and time is not on your side.”
 Arron Afflalo - “It's about restoring that tradition.”
 Arron Afflalo - “He was here to do the same thing I wished to do -- help restore the tradition of winning ways.”
 Arron Afflalo - “We're not playing for just our team, our university. We're trying to carry on something that John Wooden started.”
 Arron Afflalo - “I could hear them yelling to each other to watch out for me. They were matching up with us pretty good.”
 Arron Afflalo - “It was longer than four or five minutes, that's for sure. It seemed more like four or five hours. But it was well worth it. It's one of the primary reasons we're still playing right now.”
 Arron Afflalo - “This team is still very good, despite all the injuries, despite all the unfortunate circumstances and obstacles we've had to overcome. I still think we can win. All these injuries are tough, but all you can do is laugh at them, get in rehab and recover.”
 Arron Afflalo - “We're definitely focused on Saturday. There was no dumping water or things of that nature. We're on a six-game mission, one game at a time.”
 Arron Afflalo - “He's not a stiff at all. So he's able to make plays up high.”
 Arron Afflalo - “We've lost three games at home this year. To make up for that, we have to win on the road. We know what this trip means.”
 Arron Afflalo - “He's just so sharp. He's aware of everything, it's like he's whatever age. He just knows so much, and he's done so much for this school, you just want to listen.”
 Arron Afflalo - “I definitely feel a bond with Jordan. Him being from L.A., I got plenty of opportunities to see him play. I definitely knew I'd be coming into a school with another talented guard, and you have to enjoy that.”
 Arron Afflalo - “I knew all along this team could be at the top and remain at the top, because we definitely have the personnel. If we put our mind to it, play 'D' and do all the right things, play for each other, we shouldn't lose.”
 Arron Afflalo - “Yeah, we did hear those comments. That's just his personality. I'm sure he didn't mean anything malicious by it. I'm sure he was just trying to fire up his team.”

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