My Favorite Quotes
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 Zach Shafran - “One of the things that has gotten our interest is the fact that Apple only has a couple percentage points of PC market share. Apple doesn't need to do a lot to have meaningful gains. The new operating system clearly ought to help them.”
 Zach Shafran - “You can always pay a dividend but once you start, it's hard to stop, ... Is paying a dividend in the long-term best interest of tech companies That question is still up in the air.”
 Rebecca Safran - “This is something that most humans can relate to -- think of how much time and money we spend on our looks and status long after we have established stable relationships.”
 Zach Shafran - “There is absolutely some truth in that. To find appealing ideas in tech is very difficult to do.”
 Bruce Afran - “A sitting member of the United States Senate had the power to foreclose on the home of the head of the largest public workers union in the state. That is one of the largest conflicts of interest that we've ever heard of.”
 Bruce Afran - “One of the highest-ranking union officers in the state is given a half-million-dollar gift by a sitting U.S. senator. That is precisely the type of transaction the Senate wants to know about.”
 Zach Shafran - “People are going to be watching employment reports and other things very closely. It's our expectation that we're going to start seeing some improvement.”
 Bruce Afran - “The people are the ones who are entitled to choose who occupies elected office, not the party.”
 Bruce Afran - “Yet again the politicians and bosses won and the people of New Jersey lose. The judges have totally thrown out the rights of the people in this state to vote.”
 Rebecca Safran - “The bad news for male swallows is the mating game is never over.”
 Rebecca Safran - “We can say with great certainty that feather color affects female preference for particular males and that changes in the signal have really important consequences in terms of whose offspring you're caring for.”
 Bruce Afran - “Forrester's company is getting business through Norcross's bank, so he's locked into the whole pay-to-play politics of this state.”