My Favorite Quotes
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 Shahid Afridi - “I enjoy playing against India. It has always been good doing battle against India, it brings the best out of me.”
 Shahid Afridi - “He has not bowled as yet. The pitch is still good for batting. We will have to work very hard to get them out twice.”
 Shahid Afridi - “The amount of cricket being played these days is too hectic for me and I felt playing both forms was affecting my performances. Doing well in the World Cup and helping my team win is my main priority now.”
 Shahid Afridi - “That fifth delivery did not turn at all and moreover the ball had got wet and it was difficult to hit. That was an ideal opportunity to score six sixes because that's how I enjoy playing cricket. I was disappointed not to achieve that today.”
 Shahid Afridi - “That's how I bat, I always go (to bat) with a positive frame of mind. It's a totally dead wicket and there is nothing in it for the bowlers.”
 Shahid Afridi - “I am utterly disappointed. I desperately wanted to play in all the games but this injury turned out to be more serious than thought earlier.”
 Lori Afridi - “We had a neighbor helping take care of the kids, and we just kind of jostled it. I called 24 hours a day to see how everyone was.”
 Lori Afridi - “We go to the hospital twice a week. She has had bone marrow biopsies, four blood transfusions and numerous tests.”
 Lori Afridi - “We took her into the doctor, and at first they didn't know what was wrong. She went down so quick in a few days. I thank God for the doctor at the clinic in Joes. They drew her blood and said, 'You have 48 hours to get her to Children's (Hospital).' I was devastated.”
 Lori Afridi - “I love my animals and the environment it is hard to go from farm life to city life in a few hours. But I would do it for Minnie. We will do whatever it takes for her.”