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 Parry Aftab - “Give your kids an amnesty day. Tell them you want to see everything they write and all the pictures they post and promise that you won't get mad or punish them for it.”
 Parry Aftab - “They don't see a real risk because they're sitting in their living rooms or bedrooms where they don't see anyone there to hurt them.”
 Parry Aftab - “A lot of teens have no idea that what they're posting may have ramifications later on in life. If it's on the Internet for one second, it's on the Internet forever.”
 Parry Aftab - “Kids are sharing too much personal information.”
 Parry Aftab - “Don't share info that you wouldn't put on a billboard on a superhighway. We need to remember that whatever you type on the Internet stays on the Internet. It's like a tattoo.”
 Parry Aftab - “We have to get our kids to utilize the best Internet filter, and that's the one inside their heads.”
 Parry Aftab - “Teens are teens for a reason. It's because they aren't yet adults. That's why we have to keep a close watch over them.”
 Parry Aftab - “In real life, you have to worry about someone spotting you if you stalk them... . Online no one's going to punch you in the face.”
 Parry Aftab - “We need to tell the difference between being paranoid and being careful,”
 Parry Aftab - “Give the kids 24 hours to clean it up. When I had kids, and they had a party downstairs . . . I would make a lot of noise before I'd go downstairs so I wouldn't catch anybody kissing.”
 Parry Aftab - “Take their keyboards to work with you. They can live without the mouse, but not the keyboard.”
 Parry Aftab - “These profiles can be a window into their souls. It's a unique opportunity to learn about your kids. You may find out that your kids write poetry or actually enjoyed the vacation you went on.”
 Parry Aftab - “Parents just want to be able to put controls in place with as little hassle as possible.”
 Parry Aftab - “Lots and lots of parents want their kids' profiles down.”
 Parry Aftab - “Lots and lots of parents want their kids' profiles down. But we all need to take a breath and fashion solutions to address the real problem, which is how much information kids are putting online and who are they communicating with online.”
 Parry Aftab - “I advise parents first to take a breath and not to overact. That's not the way to approach the problem. We should remember what we did as kids and keep that in mind with what you look at.”
 Parry Aftab - “I have 11,000 volunteers working for me, and I still can't keep up. I don't know how parents would.”
 Parry Aftab - “Even parents who are watching their kids' computers are clueless that they've put a cell phone in their kid's hands that can be used to trade this stuff around.”
 Parry Aftab - “Parents aren't happy. Schools are unhappy.”
 Parry Aftab - “Parents are often either unaware of dangers, or they're freaked out about them. They want software but they don't know where to start looking or how to use it.”
 Parry Aftab - “This is a rich and upper-middle-class problem. They have too much time, too much technology and their parents aren't around to keep an eye on them.”
 Parry Aftab - “They want a cell phone to be in the kid's hands, but they want control.”
 Parry Aftab - “Today's plans from the big carriers don't address parental control issues. There are a lot of parents who want their kids to have cell phones so they can get in touch with them when they need them, but many of them have been holding off buying them phones because they don't feel comfortable.”
 Parry Aftab - “Parents just want to be able to put controls in place with as little hassle as possible. They don't want to learn how to use something, or have multiple levels of control. They want a few buttons or a straightforward service.”
 Parry Aftab - “If someone called your home and asked to talk to your kid, you would know how to handle that. But it's once there's a mention of technology that we don't know how to handle it. Parents just need to know how to control and monitor their kids as they would anywhere else.”

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