My Favorite Quotes
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 Susan Agamy - “This program is wonderful. It raises awareness of hunger in local communities across the country. It encourages communities to support the fight against hunger right at home. The dollars may not be tremendous for each individual organization but the fact that Feinstein is willing to put up 1 million year after year makes a large statement on the need for assistance.”
 Susan Agamy - “Stop Shop has been allowing us to conduct this drive for three years in front of their stores and without their support, we would not be able to collect the volume we got today.”
 Susan Agamy - “We are here to serve the whole community. People may not be in need of food themselves but a friend, neighbor or relative may be. Their support goes directly to help others.”
 Susan Agamy - “This week we'll be depleted quite a bit because it's vacation week from school. Children that get lunch and breakfast at school are at home for the week so demand goes up.”