My Favorite Quotes
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 Andre Agassi - “America's next male tennis generation.”
 Andre Agassi - “I've gotten through two five-setters, and feel surprisingly good. It's a sprint now around the turn and down the homestretch. I'll be in position to give it a good run.”
 Andre Agassi - “I've said before, I don't know how I'm going to go out, ... I know one thing, if I'm out there playing well and giving something back to the sport, it's going to be hard not to give it more.”
 Andre Agassi - “I was playing a lot of golf, going out a lot, enjoying Brooke's world,”
 Andre Agassi - “But I feel good about the way I played tonight. I was moving well and feeling healthy so it was all good.”
 Andre Agassi - “It was good to close that one out, it was only getting tougher,”
 Andre Agassi - “Somebody with long hair,”
 Shai Agassi - “When we do acquisitions, we do it from the edges of the solutions. It's hard to buy half a heart.”
 Andre Agassi - “To be honest, with the way a mentality like mine sort of works, this means as much to me as doing it in the finals,”
 Andre Agassi - “I hope (my fans are) excited. I don't get to be in too many finals any more.”
 Andre Agassi - “It's hard to hope for much better.”
 Andre Agassi - “You can't always hope for matches to go that uneventfully,”
 Andre Agassi - “You can't always hope for matches to go that uneventfully.”
 Andre Agassi - “He deserves support. I just hope it's a great standard match. He's always been a real dangerous player. You never know when somebody comes of age. Certainly watching his wins over the last couple weeks have been great, not only here but also in New Haven. There's no question he's doing something better than he used to.”
 Andre Agassi - “You're here to help the team. I might be called on to do that again on Sunday. I sure hope to do better.”
 Andre Agassi - “I hope there is something I can do,”
 Andre Agassi - “I broke him one time. You come out to a match like this and you hope for that at least. So you never know what to expect playing somebody you never played before. In his most difficult moments, he was more awkward than I anticipated.”
 Andre Agassi - “I hope they're excited,”
 Shai Agassi - “It's not about who is buying whom in the industry, it's about process innovation.”
 Andre Agassi - “I attempted to play in Shanghai with an injury that was not fully healed and it set me back substantially.”
 Andre Agassi - “We can say for sure our sport is the leading, if not the top, sport in drug testing in both its intensity and as far as what they test for. It's a very extensive list, probably more extensive than any other sport, and how often they test. It's not possible to get more aggressive maintaining the integrity of our sport.”
 Andre Agassi - “Somebody or something has to truly represent the better interest of the sport, ... It's important for there to be resolve.”
 Andre Agassi - “It would be great to win, but I have no interest in putting a nice little bow around my career and handing it over to anybody,”
 Andre Agassi - “My father actually moved out from Chicago just so he could play tennis 365 days a year, so it was - it was a place we played every day. We played before school. We played after school. We woke up. We played tennis. We brushed our teeth in that order.”
 Andre Agassi - “I'm going to go down swinging... I'm sure as heck not going to go home and say I had a bad tournament.”

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