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 John Pincavage - “The sector has been pretty terrible up to this point, even without the industry shutdown. So what has happened now is like piling on to an industry that was already down. Barring sharp gains in the overall market, and if the markets goes down, then the airlines may well be down more than the overall market on a percentage basis.”
 Rod Page - “Some people are so gallant about this thing that they throw it in the trunk of their car and run down the highway.”
 Chris Savage - “It feels very good (to have the CCL clinched). Last year we had to go to the wire with Ready. This year to get it with two games left in an eight-game season is great.”
 Craig Littlepage - “We look at and put a great deal of weight in the last 10 games. The reason for that The team that plays the last 10 games is, barring injury, the team that, if selected, will play in the tournament.”
 Phil Savage - “Orlando fits the 3-4. He's a physical, inside backer. We felt we needed a guy who had more bulk. He worked out and we said we'd give him a shot.”
 Mark Page - “It would certainly give a short-term boost to the shipping industry, ... There is a certain inflow of equipment, so they would need shipping tonnage, a lot like the Persian Gulf war situation. Sea-Land would be in the pole-position.”
 Calvin Cage - “It is what it is. Coach is trying to give us rest during practice, but it's a new season and if you're tired or a little fatigued, you have to suck it up.”
 Rick Savage - “Before my accident I was a little too... selfish and self-absorbed and for me, to now be at the place where I can kinda give back and inspire people. I'm blessed. I'm really blessed.”
 Ted LePage - “With the commodities we had coming in to help me, something had to give. That's always the toughest part of the job, because those other guys are great coaches.”
 Brian Savage - “I think our power play played really well, especially in the second period when we needed some big goals.”
 Kyle Stage - “To me, in golf, these tournaments are great, especially if you can win them. All that matters are conference, then sectional, regional and state, because that's what you're playing for.”
 Phil Savage - “He's going to be a very good left tackle in this league. He might be a dominating pass protector, but he has some room to improve in the run-blocking area.”
 Craig Littlepage - “No. 1, it means they are a very big conference, and more importantly, it means they have a very good conference.”
 Rob Savage - “We certainly think it should be possible to reach a settlement. This is a good offer.”
 Tom Savage - “The sentiment now is to work with our developers as well as government agencies.”
 Bob Gammage - “We don't need a state government run from yachts. I will make policy in the state Capitol, not in the Bahamas.”
 Terry Page - “All of those very kind people helped to raise money for the Uncle Sam Grave Site fund.”
 Grady Gammage - “For some reason, he's (upset) at us. He's just trying to reach out and disrupt the growth of the Valley.”
 Justin Cage - “I just did whatever I had to do to get my hand on it.”
 Eddie Gossage - “We didn't want things to get out of hand.”
 Stephen Page - “When you're racing, you hang on for dear life. Everything is shaking, and on the turns your head is literally hanging outside of the car.”
 Phil Savage - “We've tried from the outset to show there's a step-by-step process to all of this. If you're in a swimming pool and the water's over your head, you're reaching with your toes to find bottom before you can push yourself up to the surface. I think at this juncture, we feel like we've certainly found bottom and now everything's in front of us.”
 Peter Dinklage - “I had to shave my head for another project, and there's a very brief moment in the film when it's a wig, ... If you don't know which part of the film is a wig, that means they did a very good job with the wig.”
 David Gage - “ Listener. While it's important to be an active listener, keep in mind that people tend to talk about what doesn't feel OK. They don't talk about relationships that are going well, ... So in many instances, just hearing someone vent and not taking it too seriously is the way to go, unless your spouse asks for your honest reaction or ideas.”
 Ben Savage - “I also began hearing the lyrics. A friend suggested I talk to a producer,”

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