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 Andrew Magee - “This is one of the top-five golf courses on the PGA Tour already after just one practice round,”
 Dr. Agee - “We had good attendance. We wanted to have it in conjunction with the Board of Governors meeting so that they would be able to go through and see that.”
 Mike Magee - “To me it is a religious holiday.”
 Philip Agee - “It is so ironic that the White House itself might be the first violator of this law, which my name is attached to,”
 Philip Agee - “It is so ironic that the White House itself might be the first violator of this law, which, my name is attached to,”
 Stan Magee - “They had no problems releasing information when there was this little thing going on about board members. They were releasing information out of Austin, Texas, like Canadian Geese flying south, but when it came to the real hard issue of this waiver, they aren't releasing anything. I'm disheartened.”
 Jack Magee - “It's a significant case because you don't want any kind of blot on the integrity of a race. We take this seriously.”
 Kevin Magee - “At that point I thought we were right back in the game.”
 Cory Magee - “But I sat down and thought about it. Siena was just where my heart was at. I didn't see the need for any other visits.”
 Andrew Magee - “I thought I might have to be a car-pool guy or a TV announcer or something last year,”
 Kevin Magee - “It's nothing against Stephanie, ... but that's Alan's time slot.”
 Philip Agee - “The whole idea is to take a chance. I mean, what fun is life if you're not taking a chance. I've been taking chances for a long, long time. I took a lot of chances when I was in the CIA,”
 Mike Magee - “We definitely can't underestimate them. We already have this year and we didn't get three points off of it. Maybe if we would have beat them last time we would have been sitting in the playoff spot right now.”
 Andrew Magee - “Then I remembered I was back on tour, and it was time to screw up. The old habits just don't seem to go away after the surgery. I was hoping all the old negativity might go away, but it's still there.”
 Matt Magee - “Our guys came out focused and ready to play today. I worried about that a little with us not being in school. But it's not going to be this easy on Thursday against Columbia.”
 Andrew Magee - “I can't explain it. I didn't play at all last year. I really didn't know if I was going to be able to come back and play at all out here. To start like this is pretty exciting. I don't know if my game got better or everybody else got worse.”
 Lynne Agee - “We had been very disappointed in the last couple of years, no question about that. But we were determined that we would recruit and turn it back around, and we look forward to the next couple of seasons.”
 James Agee - “When he ran from a cop his transitions from accelerating walk to easy jog trot to brisk canter to headlong gallop to flogged-piston sprint were as distinct and as soberly in order as an automatic gearshift.”
 Kevin Magee - “I have to tell you, anyone who thinks you can swap Fox News with CNN Headline News and no one will notice, is wrong. I personally got 500 e-mails about it.”
 Kevin Magee - “We are pleased Shep will become a permanent fixture on Fox News Radio. He is a star anchor and reporter and listeners will now be able to hear his familiar voice on both television and radio.”
 Matt Magee - “I think that was a mistake. You have to take advantage of those kind of mistakes.”
 Matt Magee - “Those kids have been great on and off the field. We'll miss them dearly.”
 Mike Magee - “He will have roughly 14 and 15 months to complete the work at that school, which is a fair amount of time seeing as we've had some other middle schools built in only 12 months. We think we're giving them a fair amount of time to complete the work.”
 Stan Magee - “The allegations were all baseless, without merit, highly suspect and I am very surprised that the TEA even bothered to get involved in making a judgement call in areas that were governed by our own board operating procedures.”
 Philip Agee - “Well, I would like to see people ignore the law, that is to the degree the law doesn't have any meaning anymore,”

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