My Favorite Quotes
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 Bob Stockslager - “She seems to handle the pressure and atmosphere really well. I think the future is really bright for her.”
 Chuck Fager - “He's reflective, looking into the future, but also very much where he is.”
 Heath Sager - “But these girls never give up and that's what I love about these young kids.”
 Hank Bontrager - “Golf courses don't really want us very much. But some of them are so generous for letting us play there.”
 Hank Bontrager - “These are tough golf courses. When you play these long, tough courses that's where I think the good golfers kind of shine.”
 Tina Yeager - “She's a good kid. She is working her tail off and coming to a varsity team, a team that's struggling to rebuild themselves and to take on that position (of setter) is huge.”
 Dave Hager - “The sale of the shelf assets is the final step in our announced strategy to divest of lower-growth, shorter-lived properties and focus on higher-impact opportunities.”
 Marc Schwager - “They're insanely strong. Something the size of a human hair can pick up a human.”
 Maurice Ager - “We did a better job not fouling, not hand-checking. I think it helped a lot.”
 Heath Sager - “I hate losing, But I'm pleased with where we're going.”
 Maurice Ager - “There's always opportunities to get someone the ball. But I'm not blaming anybody. We have to look at the film and see where I was open and I'm not really sure to be honest with you.”
 Tina Yeager - “We're hoping to take a little bit of stress off Kristin this year. Playing a 5-1 (offense) last year, she played that rotation where, basically, she was the work-horse up front. We're hoping a couple other team members step up to take the pressure off.”
 Maurice Ager - “We never really got into a good flow as a team in the second half, and that really hurt us.”
 Maurice Ager - “They really hurt us, especially because they led directly to baskets.”
 Maurice Ager - “We didn't do a good enough job getting the ball into Paul in the post. That hurt us. We never really got into anything offensively.”
 Tom Ochsenschlager - “We wholeheartedly support keeping taxpayer information confidential.”
 Heath Sager - “That's a great way to put it. We kind of got in a shell the first week of our (league) season. We didn't do the little things. I told them I wanted them to learn from that.”
 Dennis Prager - “All happy people are grateful. Ungrateful people cannot be happy. We tend to think that being unhappy leads people to complain, but it's truer to say that complaining leads to people becoming unhappy.”
 Walter Wager - “I passed the Bar on the first shot, But I have never practiced law.”
 Walter Wager - “I met an American woman and got married so I had to get a job.”
 Walter Wager - “I always liked spy stories.”
 Dennis Prager - “Those who are compassionate when they should be tough will be tough when they should be compassionate.”
 Dennis Prager - “There is little correlation between the circumstances of people's lives and how happy they are.”
 Dennis Prager - “Those who believe in nothing are very, very jealous and angry at those who believe in something.”
 Dennis Prager - “Liberals tend to put the onus of your success on society and conservatives on you and your family.”

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