My Favorite Quotes
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 Chris Agnello - “Coventry is a tremendous test for our squad. They have a great history in this game, a great coach in Mick Adams, and I look forward to hosting them in July.”
 Brenda Agnello - “Lindsay has invited quite a few of her friends to the house to meet Pang.”
 Joe Agnello - “They had gotten complaints from subcontractors and vendors who were not getting paid in a timely manner. As the complaints became more frequent, it was a sign the contractor was having some serious problems and would be unable to fulfill their obligations. That is when it reached the point to protect the commission's interest and take the steps necessary to get the project finished.”
 Brenda Agnello - “Jamie started the idea when she was in high school. She seemed to befriend the exchange students. She had an Easter egg coloring and an egg hunt. It was so much fun to see the teenagers having such a good time.”
 Chris Agnello - “Byron is a great person to work with and I look forward to coaching him this season. On the field, he provides a very serious scoring threat every time he touches the ball.”
 Joe Agnello - “Work is behind, but 65 percent is not that far behind. Whether or not we'll be able to open the highway on time remains to be seen. The situation will be clearer in a week or two.”
 Joe Agnello - “The way I feel now, I'm 45 years old and I have a new life. I feel reborn. I'm alive again.”
 Joe Agnello - “We'll also have people on the Mon-Fayette Expressway (Route 43) to make sure people make the correct turns. Our main objective is to keep traffic moving efficiently.”
 Chris Agnello - “My plan of building from the back continues. I'm very happy that, in Josh, we'll have one of the best goalkeepers in the league returning to our team.”
 Chris Agnello - “I am very pleased with today's wave of signings. Salim and Jacobi will add strength and speed to the defense for 2006 Drew and Oral will add some flair and character to our attacking abilities.”
 Chris Agnello - “Scot is a tremendous player. I look forward to him anchoring our defense on what I hope will be a very strong team in 2006.”
 Joe Agnello - “As any bidder, Smith Johnson was required to secure services of a bonding company in the role of an insurance company. If for whatever reason the contractor is unable to perform, the bonding company steps in and takes over responsibility for the work.”
 Joe Agnello - “This is uncharted water here this is the first time the turnpike commission has done this. I don't even know if it would be feasible for the bonding company to take over (Smith Johnson). There may not be any employee infrastructure to use.”
 Chris Agnello - “Luke is an incredibly talented player who can start on the right or center of midfield. I had the pleasure of helping coach him at Real Salt Lake, and he is one of the fastest players I have ever seen come out of college.”
 Brenda Agnello - “We selected a more cultural curriculum. These classes do not count in Thailand, and she will still be in 11th grade next year when she goes back home.”
 Joe Agnello - “The company has gone out of business. They've not been able to stay financially afloat and are unable to do the work they've been contracted to perform.”
 Chris Agnello - “All of today's signings are more than capable of contributing to the success of the team. Zimmerman and Brown provide depth in defense, and Randolph and Ready give us balance on our left flank.”
 Chris Agnello - “Gavin creates a nice link between last year's squad and what we are doing this year. His ambition, energy and passion for the game will be a valuable asset to the Timbers and to the soccer community.”
 Chris Agnello - “I observed Anthony at the MLS Player Combine and was very impressed with his ability to play smoothly out of the back. I am confident he could come in here and make a difference immediately.”