My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeff Agoos - “You've got to play with your head and your heart. You can't play with one or the other, or you'll get killed.”
 Jeff Agoos - “I've come to the time in my life where I'd like to step back and look at different avenues of life and see where they lead.”
 Jeff Agoos - “I was on the flipside of this when I started here, so I understand the rivalry. It's big for both clubs. It doesn't matter what time of year, there are no friendly games against D.C.”
 Jeff Agoos - “The players want to get in the playoffs and win a championship for Bob. We still are very committed to his vision. The foundation of this team happened through Bob.”
 Jeff Agoos - “You have to find a way to match his intensity for 90 minutes because he's going to find a way to score a goal. The thing is you can't just focus on him. They have so many weapons with Noonan, Ralston and Dempsey that you can't focus on any one of them and it's important that all of our field players are helping defensively.”
 Jeff Agoos - “The strategy is to frustrate the other team by trying to make them play in front of you, by not giving them holes and by being as compact as possible. You have to move the ball even quicker than when you have 11 men because they are going to try and pressure you. There are opportunities to get at them but they did a good job of closing us down. But I think we did an equally good job of holding on to the ball when we did have possession.”
 Jeff Agoos - “The first game up there we had a chance to close the door and they came back and tied the score and won the game. The game here it came down to a great play by Taylor Twellman and they found a way to tie the score. We just have to find a way to do that little bit extra to finish off a game.”
 Jeff Agoos - “Can I get a raise if I balance the ball on my head on the Letterman Show”