My Favorite Quotes
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 Thomas D'Agostino - “It was important for me to give the historical context of each place, and talk about the people involved. I wanted to be able to tell people what has happened there.”
 Jack Agostino - “He'll be remembered as a history maker. He won three state championships and set school records.”
 Dave Dagostino - “This weekend was the first time I walked away from this group feeling excited about what we were doing defensively.”
 Frank Dagostino - “That's why we're not in the trouble of some of the other condos in the area.”
 Frank Dagostino - “I don't want to be in the paper 15 years from now about the Trump tower leaning. This isn't a 15-story building. We have to make sure we test enough.”
 Jack Agostino - “We live for this moment. This is what coaching is all about. When your back is to the wall, that's when character is revealed.”
 Dave Dagostino - “Statistically, we had a good first half, but Rebecca Haynes made so many plays in that half. She was involved with every single offensive play that we had and she single-handedly controlled the defensive glass.”
 John D'Agostino - “It probably is one of the worst professional experiences I've had -- without a doubt.”
 John D'Agostino - “No one wanted to be an energy trader 20 years ago -- it was the least sexy thing in the world. Fast forward to today Investors are lining up at the door. (But) if you're going to invest in energy, you'd better be comfortable with volatility.”
 Dave Dagostino - “Morehead is probably the best offensive team we've seen so far, bar none. They're eight or nine deep, they can all shoot it from three, their center can step out from 17 feet, so it was the right time to turn it up a notch defensively.”
 Dave Dagostino - “We are approaching the defensive end of the court as if that's our home. That's where we're going to win and lose ballgames.”
 Frank Dagostino - “There are lenders that follow Donald Trump product around the country.”
 John D'Agostino - “I think the market is in a sense trading in conflict with the fundamentals. We obviously have a ton of gas in the ground, which everyone is well aware of. That fact has already been priced into the market.”
 Dave Dagostino - “It's night and day. That evening we spent in there to this afternoon that we're talking right now. There's no one clear reason why. It's a lot of things together. Some of it is re-doing the foundation. The teaching portions are in place and the young kids are able to apply them and lead within them. The other part is the seniors have answered the bell and are stepping up and being vocal leaders. That's a huge part of it. With those two things working together, there's not much that can stop this group.”
 Dave Dagostino - “It was a very, very clear statement. The kids came out with an agenda. I thought the first half was solid. I thought we allowed them to hang around a little bit. We came up empty on a couple of possessions that we normally execute on, but they came out in the second half riled up in the locker room.”
 John D'Agostino - “As a writer, Buddy had really established himself as a unique voice, especially on the local scene. He leaves a void I can't imagine anyone filling very easily in either camp, as a musician or a writer.”
 Thomas D'Agostino - “Grab this book, a map, and hit the ghostly trail.”
 Jack Agostino - “I'm learning a lot from him. Jason taught me how to really depend on the Bible in tough times.”
 John D'Agostino - “That's when Buddy left. He wasn't afraid to be critical. But he liked to boost artists he thought were worthy, who weren't getting as much acclaim as they should.”
 Dave Dagostino - “The blocked shot, right now, is a result of ball pressure. That person on the basketball knowing that they can apply as much pressure as possible to that ball. They're not afraid of getting beat, because they trust the four people behind them.”