My Favorite Quotes
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 Ben Agosto - “Since we've gotten back, a lot of kids have come to the rink. It's really special to feel that we may be helping to inspire future skaters and future champions.”
 Benjamin Agosto - “She has been living in the States for eight years so this was just a matter of paperwork. She fits perfectly in the U.S. which makes me realize there's not much difference between people.”
 Ben Agosto - “This is absolutely amazing. We really feel this medal belongs to a lot of people who put in years and years of support. And for the teams that came before us and put in years of dedication building the sport of ice dancing in the U.S.”
 Ben Agosto - “I really feel that this medal belongs to a lot of people who put in years and years of hard work and dedication in this sport the teams who came before us and were never able to break through.”
 Ben Agosto - “We really feel this medal belongs to a lot of people who have come before us and who have put in years and years of dedication. We definitely wouldn't be here without those people. They've been building the sport in the U.S. for years.”
 Ben Agosto - “She's lived in the U.S. for eight years now. So really, this was more of a formality.”
 Ben Agosto - “It's been a very up and down (few) years with emotions. To now be here and have a medal around our neck is just amazing.”
 Ben Agosto - “It's been one of the most exciting things for us to see, in the years that we've been competing, the level of interest growing, crowds being bigger.”
 Benjamin Agosto - “This medal belongs to a lot of people who put in years and years of hard work and dedication. There were teams that came before us that were never able to break through, and we've always been inspired by them.”
 Ben Agosto - “That's going to make us feel right at home. We're lucky to have so many good skaters to work with.”
 Ben Agosto - “Well, Chicago's a great town what can I say It has a lot of diversity. You can find so many different kinds of people there. It breeds a certain self-confidence and a willingness to work hard for what you want. I don't know, maybe they put something in the water -- the river is green.”
 Ben Agosto - “We were much looser. I love the Latin dance, it's my favorite program and to skate like that was fantastic.”
 Ben Agosto - “We felt like we skated pretty well and we got good marks. And we're looking forward to better performances on Sunday (original dance) and Monday (free dance).”
 Ben Agosto - “We always try to keep our mind-set on only the things we can control in our performance.”
 Ben Agosto - “It's very exciting to be here, but at the same time, we have to work extra hard to keep our emotions under control.”
 Benjamin Agosto - “That sounds like we're doing short-track or something. This is an extremely close competition. I think it's the first time we've been in a competition where it was this close. It just makes everything count that much more.”
 Benjamin Agosto - “This competition highlights the strengths of the new system. You can have rankings but still have people be very close. The new system allows for unpredictability.”
 Ben Agosto - “This is an extremely close competition and this is the first time we've been in a competition that is so close. It makes everything count all that much more.”
 Benjamin Agosto - “This was only the third time we competed this free dance, but we felt calm and comfortable.”
 Ben Agosto - “We never get the opportunity to compete in compulsories with that kind of an audience.”
 Ben Agosto - “We really looked up to Jamie and Justin, because they paved the way for us as the up-and-coming U.S. team. It's an unbelievable accomplishment for Jamie to come back.”