My Favorite Quotes
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 Sergio Aguayo - “I knew I was going to make the kick, ... Kicking into the wind might have been a problem during warm-ups, but during the game you put it out of your mind.”
 Sergio Aguayo - “We voted for a statesman, and we got a manager, and not a bad manager. He has, at the same time, both built and torpedoed democracy. The weakening of the presidency has helped the transition because it made us realize that other (government) institutions didn't work.”
 Sergio Aguayo - “Fox has been a disappointment. He has not been a total failure. But all of a sudden we find that some of the instruments that make democracy possible are not working.”
 Sergio Aguayo - “We expected that with electoral democracy there would be a trickle down of positive effects. That did not happen.”
 Sergio Aguayo - “The challenge now is to make democratic institutions work, ... That is completely different from having free and fair elections. We had a free and fair election. Now, we must make democracy work to solve the problems we have inherited.”
 Sergio Aguayo - “There are more Mexicans dying trying to reach the United States now than before, and that has to do with the fact that some parts of the border are being closed and the immigrants have to walk through the desert and the mountains. And that's increasing the human cost.”
 Sergio Aguayo - “You have clear alternatives. This is new. The question is how far will the candidates go to win, and will the losers accept the results”
 Sergio Aguayo - “Most Mexicans think he is well-intentioned. It's not that this presidency has been bad it's been very mediocre, frivolous. Many Mexicans' attitude is one of resignation.”