My Favorite Quotes
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 Nestor Aguila - “Some investors opted to pocket gains after the two-week trading halt.”
 Nestor Aguila - “There's still time to buy before the long holiday.”
 Nestor Aguila - “Even the recent upgrade in our ratings outlook would not trigger investors to aggressively position in the market today.”
 Nestor Aguila - “The market is buying all the good news.”
 Chris Aguila - “Usually, young guys try to make an impression for down the road. This is about making this team and having a chance to do something.”
 Chris Aguila - “He has a ton of talent. He has always put up numbers in the minor leagues. And he's a great cook - great Mexican food.”
 Nestor Aguila - “We're seeing a good amount of foreign buying today. After the developments over the weekend, the market seems to be taking the view that she has it (the security situation) under control.”
 Chris Aguila - “It's Mother Nature. You can't control it. Coming off a win (Friday) night, it would have been nice to go out there and get this game in tonight and have a good series here. It's out of our hands as far as the weather goes.”
 Chris Aguila - “Will it be fun Of course, man. Jack is Jack and we haven't seen him in a while. But there's one big difference in this clubhouse. You don't catch a whiff of cigar smoke anymore.”
 Nestor Aguila - “The stock looks extremely good in terms of fundamentals, with a book value of 1.64 pesos per share.”
 Nestor Aguila - “Investors are positioning ahead of the 2005 earnings reports, with PLDT widely expected to report another good set of results.”