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 Ruben Aguilar - “The federal government has done what was in its power to investigate and find the facts, identify those responsible and open the way for the application of justice.”
 Ruben Aguilar - “The Mexican government is demanding an investigation of the facts.”
 Cesar Aguilar - “I applaud (NWA Head Start). They hired somebody bilingual it's a tremendous need in the community.”
 Nicho Aguilar - “They left very upset. They were raising hell.”
 Ruben Aguilar - “We hope that in coming weeks and months, relations cool off so that we can re-establish them to their highest level.”
 Ruben Aguilar - “For us, the case is now closed. We hope that in the coming weeks and months, relations lighten up so they can be re-established to their highest level.”
 Ruben Aguilar - “We hope the airline will be able to resolve the problems as soon as possible and will be able to begin operating again but under the highest security standards.”
 Ruben Aguilar - “At no point was information refused.”
 Costa Aguilar - “We're playing every game as if it's the seventh inning. We knew we had to crawl our way back into this thing. I think we did that today.”
 Ruben Aguilar - “The president's office does not intervene in union decisions. We respect citizens' demonstrations.”
 Ruben Aguilar - “It could have been avoided if the union had obeyed the law. The rule of law implies respect for the law.”
 Ruben Aguilar - “All the elements that we have at hand, all the experts that were consulted, say that there is sufficient evidence to consider that we are dealing with an accident. But we must wait for the results of the investigation.”
 Costa Aguilar - “It's always a highlight of the year for our kids. It's a fun time. The weather should be good Monday through Thursday so the playing conditions should be good.”
 Ruben Aguilar - “This battle will go on, and it will go on for many years to come.”
 Ruben Aguilar - “We consider this our moral and ethical obligation.”
 Ruben Aguilar - “It would be good news, but of course it's just the start. It's headed in the right direction, but from Mexico's point of view it doesn't resolve the entire problem.”
 Ruben Aguilar - “These were not Mexican soldiers. It is known that these are drug traffickers using military uniforms and they were not even regulation military uniforms.”
 David Aguilar - “We are indeed aware of criminal organizations that wear military-style uniforms, use military-style equipment and weapons and employ military-style vehicles and tactics while conducting illegal activity in border areas.”
 Ruben Aguilar - “A migratory reform that only addresses security will not resolve the bilateral immigration problem. It is indispensable to establish legal, secure and ordered migration. Our countrymen make an enormous contribution to the United States economy.”
 Ruben Aguilar - “The recent demonstrations in different places in the United States show the imminent need for an immigration accord that meets the interests of both countries.”
 Ruben Aguilar - “We can not endorse a working document, a draft that has not been discussed nor had a final edit.”
 Oscar Aguilar - “The Mexican public is disappointed with their leaders because they hoped democracy would solve all their problems and it hasn't. Democracy was oversold to people.”
 David Aguilar - “This line of defense does come with a price.”
 Cesar Aguilar - “Head Start plays a big role. We start at a younger age to cut the barriers of culture, but education I think that's more important than anything else.”
 Nicho Aguilar - “Look at this, this is our culture. They didn't have to do that.”

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