My Favorite Quotes
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 Gopal Ahluwalia - “At least the house appreciates. In every decade it has turned out to be an excellent investment.”
 Gopal Ahluwalia - “The turnover in housing has a strong relationship with remodeling activity. You want to keep up with the value of your investment because it is appreciating.”
 Gopal Ahluwalia - “We can afford it, we like it, and unlike the car that you spend 35,000 on today, it appreciates and is an excellent investment.”
 Gopal Ahluwalia - “This consolidation really started in the mid-1990s but picked up speed and is still continuing. In the last 15 years, about 150 companies have been acquired or merged. Most of the consolidation is confined to the top 10 builders, who are acquiring companies.”
 Gopal Ahluwalia - “When people walk into a modern home, they don't ask about a library.”
 Gopal Ahluwalia - “They want to have everything but can't afford it. Their belief is that home prices will go up, and their income will go up.”
 Gopal Ahluwalia - “Why do home sizes rise when, during the same period, the average family size has declined”
 Gopal Ahluwalia - “That suggests that the size of the average house is stabilizing.”