My Favorite Quotes
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 Adnaan Ahmad - “Ericsson said orders as a whole remain strong, but it is just seeing a push out in most mobile system shipments due to economic uncertainty as well as slower subscriber growth in the U.S. as subsidies have been cut. Fewer subscribers means lower phone use, which translates into slower systems build-out, which is what we are seeing in the U.S.”
 Aziz Ahmad - “We hope that ultimately India will see reason and come to the negotiating table,”
 Sheikh Ahmad - “OPEC today produces 30.4 million bpd and there is a surplus in the market estimated at over two million barrels,”
 Adnaan Ahmad - “Our initial reaction is that the shares are likely to tread water during what is likely to be a difficult transition in its attempt to outsource 100 percent of its handset production and as its networks operator's division goes through temporary growing pains, which are likely to weigh on margins.”
 Sheikh Ahmad - “He is my brother. I know him. I lived with him for years. I know how much he fears God.”
 Khaleeq Ahmad - “During the trip, the president will explain that the people of Afghanistan want an end to terrorism.”
 Sheikh Ahmad - “He loved his family and friends, gatherings. He especially adores his mother. First comes God, then his mother.”
 Sheikh Ahmad - “He is very stubborn. When he puts his mind into something, he will do it.”
 Talmiz Ahmad - “On the basis of assessments (Indian and Chinese) companies will make, we will cooperate and we will compete. Hopefully we will cooperate more than we compete.”
 Sheikh Ahmad - “Although we know there is no shortage in (oil) supplies and reasons of high prices are attributed to factors related to refining, geopolitical or climate reasons, the organization will play a role in stabilizing prices and markets,”
 Aziz Ahmad - “Refugees are given shelter in the country and they should confine themselves to being refugees and should not start any political agitation,”
 Talmiz Ahmad - “We are at the pioneer stage. We are taking the first footsteps of cooperation.”
 Khaleeq Ahmad - “We want an honest, sincere and intensive fight against terrorism from Pakistan in cooperation with Afghanistan.”
 Adnaan Ahmad - “The main concern regarding Ericsson is its mobile systems division, which is experiencing slower growth in the U.S. and marginally disappointing growth in Europe.”
 Talmiz Ahmad - “They have given a very specific and strong commitment for cooperation.”
 Talmiz Ahmad - “We want to participate in Saudi Arabia's refining business. We want their help in meeting our energy requirement -- there are crisscross interests involved.”
 Talmiz Ahmad - “We want to participate in Saudi Arabia's refining business. We want their help in meeting our energy requirement --there are crisscross interests involved.”
 Sheikh Ahmad - “the Israeli people should know they will pay the price and our blood is not cheap.”
 Khaleeq Ahmad - “We think its a good step for Afghanistan. Writing off any debt is a help in a country after 30 years of war and devastation. Were staring from nothing, like a baby taking its first steps.”
 Sheikh Ahmad - “according to the agreement, Kuwait will supply Lebanon with 500,000 tons of gas oil per year for three years valued at a total of between 700 million and 800 million US dollars.”
 Adnaan Ahmad - “Clearly, the risk has increased, particularly with the current economic situation. However, we believe that Nokia's superior supply-chain management and its ability to reach the end market will keep it ahead of its peers.”