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 Anees Ahmed - “We are taking all precautionary measures and the central government is giving us help. We are going to destroy all the birds.”
 Imtiaz Ahmed - “If the government does not help us, we are ready to take up arms,”
 Samina Ahmed - “According to political analysts, there were many contributing factors. The decline of the MMA had started much before the local government elections, ... They failed to deliver the goods to their electorates.”
 Samina Ahmed - “Broad perceptions among Pakistanis of the government as indifferent to them are being reinforced,”
 Samina Ahmed - “Broad perceptions among Pakistanis of the government as indifferent to them are being reinforced.”
 Haseeb Ahmed - “Leading indicators have been strong the last few months, and that's telling us we're going to see very strong acceleration in first-quarter growth.”
 Haseeb Ahmed - “We are seeing some very strong global growth trends so that should prop up exports.”
 Abu Ahmed - “Just because we have a big guest, do we stop going to prayers”
 Rabiah Ahmed - “We are a target of many hate campaigns, given our exposure on controversial issues. We screen them for threats. When it crosses the line, we report it to the FBI.”
 Nazir Ahmed - “The idea is to protect all citizens from religious fanatics who preach hate.”
 Tasneem Ahmed - “Talks on remaining items on the agenda were expected to be concluded by June or July this year, after which foreign secretaries of India and Pakistan would meet again to review the outcome of official level talks on all subjects concerning two countries.”
 Haseeb Ahmed - “We should see continued consumer weakness in October and November, while industry overall does quite well. The soft trajectory going into the fourth quarter has adverse implications.”
 Khaleeq Ahmed - “There are those who have burned schools and killed doctors, nurses and many other innocent Afghans.”
 Shaikh Ahmed - “The private sector is also involved in this card since the electronic purse will be managed by major financial institutions following a tender that will be issued soon.”
 Ehsan Ahmed - “We also believe that Muslims must use restraints in reacting to these cartoons and use educational methods to teach fellow human beings about Islam.”
 Rabiah Ahmed - “There is this feeling that it's somewhat of an open season on Muslims. If you replace Islam and drop in any other religion and said, 'Blank is a terrorist religion,' it would never be tolerated.”
 Bashir Ahmed - “During the occupation of Iraq, both US and UK used cluster bombs which killed hundreds of Iraqi civilians. The purpose of using these bombs was to test their efficiency, not to kill Saddam.”
 Rabiah Ahmed - “Unfortunately, the way most Americans are introduced to Islam is through the lens of terrorism and the invasion of Iraq.”
 Anees Ahmed - “Nobody is aware of how to kill the birds. This is the first time.”
 Bashir Ahmed - “This is a good-will gesture, ... Today is a start and we will send a lot more aid.”
 Abu Ahmed - “They (Israelis) destroyed our homes and our mosques, ... Today it is our turn to destroy theirs.”
 Shaikh Ahmed - “At the Zayed Summit, His Majesty urged executing this project in the shortest period of time and providing all essential tools needed for its execution.”
 Bashir Ahmed - “The people in tents are at a big risk of falling victim to hypothermia.”
 Ehsan Ahmed - “We do not condone the violence which has erupted in many Muslim countries.”
 Salim Ahmed - “I wish I could see them at once, but I have to wait till they return Feb 8. Until then Allah will help me be patient.”

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