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 John Mahr - “We wanted to be within five, six points of Barstow. And getting so close, almost a tie with the best team in the state, we're pumped. The kids have great attitudes and good work ethic.”
 Dr. Bahr - “That means that six out of 10 head injuries could be avoided if everyone wore a helmet. If you're smart, wear a helmet - if you want to stay smart.”
 Dr. Bahr - “Wearing a helmet, if you're a skier or snowboarder, reduces your risk of having a head injury by 60 percent.”
 John Lahr - “His life was one long extravaganza, like living inside a Faberge egg.”
 Hubertus Pellengahr - “For a long time, the Germans held the deutsche mark as a proof of normality, something that held them together.”
 Russell Ahr - “I am not aware of this proposal at this time.”
 Russell Ahr - “We know where he lives and where he hangs out. Were not limited to executing the warrant today.”
 Alexander Rahr - “Gorbachev was literally hated in the 1990s. He was seen as the destroyer of the Soviet Union, the destroyer of everything that generations and generations had built. But much of that was fueled in the '90s, as it played into the hands of Boris Yeltsin, his successor in government.”
 Dean Spahr - “Both heavyweights looked good. Ernie beat him on points, but he was not real dominant and he did not score often. Still, he's always exciting to watch.”
 Hubertus Pellengahr - “People are aware that they have a major problem with their retirement pensions and health insurance - they know that they're going to have to contribute more. That makes them insecure.”
 Alexander Rahr - “Big German companies with a track record in Russia have sniffed new opportunity as oil cash grows.”
 Alexander Rahr - “The signs are that Russia has no interest in seeing Iran with a nuclear bomb.”
 John Lahr - “Accustomed to the veneer of noise, to the shibboleths of promotion, public relations, and market research, society is suspicious of those who value silence.”
 Dean Spahr - “We're young, we were a little nervous, but Fauquier has a good team. We talked about some stuff we can get better at. It was not a good night for us, but they have a very good team.”
 Alexander Rahr - “Right now, we have a gas war in Eastern Europe. A politician like him would have to be in the middle of all these quarrels.”
 John Mahr - “It's a real good marriage between these two teams to be able to go head-to-head the first race of the year. It's a barometer for us to find out where we're at, and we're a little bit better than what we thought we would be. I'm ecstatic. To me it's a win.”
 Dr. Bahr - “I believe helmet use should be promoted strongly, and ski resorts could make helmets available for free to skiers and snowboarders when they buy their lift tickets.”
 Alexander Rahr - “She might tell them when she goes there about the mess one can make by using energy as a political tool. But she will do nothing to question the energy alliance between Germany and Russia.”
 Alexander Rahr - “There will not be the focus on Russia which under Schroeder played a big role in German foreign policy.”
 Dr. Bahr - “It seems like it is a smart thing to wear a helmet if you ski or snowboard. Even if you're not aiming for Olympic gold, but you are skiing or snowboarding, just for fun or pleasure.”
 Hubertus Pellengahr - “The Germans have a different consumption mentality They don't get into debt.”
 John Mahr - “We wanted to be within five, six points of Barstow. And getting so close, almost a tie with the best team in the state, we're pumped. The kids have great attitudes and good work ethic. The No. 1 thing is this team is so into being cross-country runners. They love it and train so hard. They make us happy.”
 Dr. Bahr - “The study showed that head injuries are very common. One in every six injuries in the study was a head injury.”
 Hubertus Pellengahr - “The World Cup motto is 'A Time to Make Friends,' and friends should be offered friendly opening times. We want to campaign for shopping in Germany so the more than 1 million visitors in Germany for the World Cup come back to go shopping.”
 John Lahr - “It has the look of the avant-garde, but the heart of a Hollywood production. It's the ultimate expression of business art. ... You leave the theater and they guide you right into the store.”

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