My Favorite Quotes
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 Dixie Aiazzi - “The people were really wonderful. They helped each other. We passed places where there was a forest on one side of the road. Our route took us where there had been small homes and multi-million dollar homes.”
 Dixie Aiazzi - “Yes, and we've already taken all the classes and shots.”
 Dixie Aiazzi - “We took all the classes and the shots required by the Red Cross, and they flew us to Mississippi on Nov. 21. I also volunteered for the Red Hat Society, because I'm a member of that group.”
 Dixie Aiazzi - “At Thanksgiving, we got to eat inside and it was great Our time was winding down. But we saw places being decorated with Christmas ornaments.”
 Dixie Aiazzi - “We ate outside in tents. Food was prepared by a company from Redding, California, that feeds firefighters. It was good, but, wow, 5,000 calories.”