My Favorite Quotes
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 Takuji Aida - “But special factors, such as a reduction in fixed telephone fees, kept the growth down to 0.1 percent.”
 Takuji Aida - “I think the biggest issue from this downgrade will be trust in Moody's as a ratings agency.”
 Takuji Aida - “We anticipate Japanese companies will try to compete in hiring good workers, driving up wages. Improving employment and rising wages will support demand, prop up economic growth and spur inflation.”
 Raine Maida - “You guys didn't waste any time.”
 Takuji Aida - “The number is still in line with an overall rising trend.”
 Raine Maida - “Talking is just masturbation without the mess.”
 Takuji Aida - “His comments suggest that the BOJ would not end its policy at the February meeting, but he did not deny the possibility of a policy shift in March or April.”
 Raine Maida - “I think the CD has this great mood. It projects this positive tone which is something that, when you're in the midst of talking about the places that I've visited, or that Sam and Eric and War Child go to and have projects in, it's dark. It's like unspeakable sadness in these places, but then to have music that is very warm, maybe even forgiving is a good way to say it, it's a very healthy thing.”
 Takuji Aida - “The functions of credit creation will strengthen amid increasing demand for funds linked to mergers and acquisitions and expectations for higher interest rates.”
 Takuji Aida - “For the economic recovery to be sustainable, domestic demand needs to strengthen and the consumer prices need to show consistent gains. Both of these factors are most directly influenced by wages.”
 Raine Maida - “We're being not overprotective but special, and careful, about it because it is special. We don't want it to get lost in the shuffle of the Christmas (rush). We want everything to be right, whether it's the artwork or the title. We're quite precious about it, but I think that's good.”
 Takuji Aida - “With economic growth being driven by consumer spending, the Bank of Japan will want to end quantitative easing soon to avoid the risk of the economy overheating.”
 Takuji Aida - “The Bank of Japan has already laid out a map on how it will alter its policy framework, and financial markets are factoring that in. Opposition from the government and politicians to the central bank will probably continue at least through the end of March.”
 Takuji Aida - “Consecutive gains of core prices provide strong evidence that Japan is finally shaking off a long bout of deflation. It won't be a surprise if the Bank of Japan makes a policy turn even before April.”
 Takuji Aida - “The shrinking trade balance isn't a bad thing because it's partly a result of strong domestic demand. Given that domestic demand is driving the economy, the rise in oil prices alone isn't enough to derail growth.”
 Adam Maida - “I hope and pray that you can always continue to say, 'I'm proud to be a Catholic,'”
 Adam Maida - “A legend has been called home to God,”
 Adam Maida - “absolute in his love for the church.”
 Adam Maida - “In her own simple way, Rosa Parks changed the history of our nation. She forced us to recognize the dignity of every person. She was a prophet -- a common instrument of God inviting us and challenging us to a new vision of solidarity, equality and justice. We were blessed to have her as citizen of Detroit.”