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 Greg Aiello - “Why wouldn't the coaches be available to the media The coach is the spokesman for the team. We don't receive any complaints about head coaches not being available enough.”
 Greg Aiello - “We wanted to make it something special, focusing on Louisiana and the relief effort, and there is no bigger stage than New York.”
 Ron Aiello - “Military canines make contributions every day while they serve in our military. They are hard working and do a great job of saving the lives of their handlers and the troops who walk in their footsteps.”
 Joe Aiello - “We knew that Cox was a very good shooter from 3-point range and were determined to not let him get comfortable out there. I told our players to deny him the ball and make him put the ball on the floor and we definitely kept him from hurting us.”
 Danny Aiello - “I know it's silly to say it, but I love 29th Street and I love Jack Ruby. Moonstruck I liked, but my character was troublesome to me.”
 Joe Aiello - “After a pretty devastating loss last Friday, I wondered how the players would respond but I knew everything would be fine when I got to practice on Monday. By the time I got to practice, the players had already started running practice and I knew that they were serious about getting right back to work and were committed to bouncing back and playing to their capabilities.”
 Danny Aiello - “I'm a traditionalist. I have certain values I live by.”
 Greg Aiello - “We've been talking about how we as a league can assist with relief efforts. Not only for Saints players and officials and their families, but also for a lot of other players in the league who live or have families in the region.”
 Joe Aiello - “Tony (Queen) and Ray (String) did a phenomenal job defensively on Hurtado. We executed our game plan and forced him to his left all night and got him frustrated. Not many teams have been able to shut him down. He is really a special player.”
 Greg Aiello - “We don't spend any time looking at their figures, ... We think it's irrelevant and it's purely a publicity gimmick. There are more women and minorities working in the NFL than ever, and diversity in our workplace is an important league priority.”
 Greg Aiello - “We don't spend any time looking at their figures. We think it's irrelevant and it's purely a publicity gimmick. There are more women and minorities working in the NFL than ever, and diversity in our workplace is an important league priority.”
 Greg Aiello - “You can't project how they're going to do until they're full grown, ... The physical, mental and emotional demands for an NFL player are extraordinary. That's why you see relatively few underclassmen reach the NFL and succeed. Even if you lowered the age limit, that fact wouldn't change.”
 Joe Aiello - “I thought we came out and played fairly well in the first quarter and kind of neutralized their strengths. But Clovis West proved why they are the odds-on favorite to win the state title as they are very quick, extremely strong and physical as well as being deep.”
 Danny Aiello - “Death can't be so bad if mom went through it. It makes it easier for the child to follow.”
 Joe Aiello - “They were obviously keying on Aaron and working hard to limit his touches. But most teams are going to employ that strategy, so we have to be more creative in finding ways to get him the ball.”
 Joe Aiello - “Mark came up huge for us tonight, hitting big shots and pushing the ball up the court. He ran the show tonight and did a great job in all facets of his game.”
 Greg Aiello - “The mayor of San Antonio doesn't control the future of the Saints.”
 Greg Aiello - “Well, we can't control that, just as we can't control outsiders gambling on our games.”
 Greg Aiello - “If a team gives permission to a player to shop himself around or speak to other teams, the player can discuss contract issues with other teams. There's no trade and no contract until the teams agree to a trade.”
 Greg Aiello - “We're being consistent with what every other sport does. We've had the luxury of having more space, but that has changed. There's too much congestion on the sidelines.”
 Greg Aiello - “The integrity of the game is our most important asset. Our policies focus on the conduct of our own employees and to make sure there are no gambling influences on our game, and to make sure our game isn't corrupted by gambling in any way.”
 Greg Aiello - “The most immediate concern is where the Saints will play the 2006 season. The commissioner will have conversations with Mr. Benson and others to get a look at the situation, identify alternatives and start planning for the future.”
 Joe Aiello - “Letting teams back into games that we should be closing out has nothing to do with who we are playing and the level of competition. Every game we should be trying to improve and do what we do better whether we are playing Clovis West or Fresno High.”
 Joe Aiello - “We play in a very tough league and although we have come a long way, can't afford this type of performance against teams in our league. So now we'll really see just how much we have progressed and who we can count on against much better competition.”
 Greg Aiello - “That's just common sense. That is definitely one of the working principals in guiding us.”

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