My Favorite Quotes
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 Chip Aikens - “We're going to help them in any way we can.”
 Chip Aikens - “It would place economic restrictions on the property owners themselves.”
 Chip Aikens - “It's an extremely vital tourist attraction. We get calls all the time 'When are they running again' I want to see this back on schedule.”
 Chip Aikens - “They're taking whatever they can find. Granted, there are a lot of memories associated with the place. But it is unsafe and it is privately owned, no matter what they think. The fences are up for a reason. It's awful.”
 Chip Aikens - “They have the best site in Bellefonte. They have a wonderful tradition of success with Schnitzels and Daniels. To take that gamble to rebuild, it will pay off. The community is behind them.”
 Chip Aikens - “We will be in the national light as a historic property in need of preservation.”
 Chip Aikens - “It's money that can be used to help improve the rapid response. ... This would help save lives and property.”