My Favorite Quotes
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 Andrew Chaikin - “This time, it's personal. This space race is about getting 'us' into space.”
 Andrew Chaikin - “They met the challenge. They met it beautifully. The energy that flowed through NASA at that time, the excitement, the adrenaline, it all stemmed from the fact that space had become very crucial to the nation's reputation and strength in the world.”
 Andrew Chaikin - “It was like telling a high school team that in eight years they were going to have to win the World Series. It's not impossible but not something that you would necessarily think they could do.”
 Tommy Chaikin - “Once in a while people try and track me down. I guess I've been reluctant to talk about it.”
 Andrew Chaikin - “The big difference between NASA of the '60s and NASA of the '90s is that in every way NASA was a young organization back then, ... not only in a demographic sense but also in terms of the life of the agency.”
 Andrew Chaikin - “We went to the moon at the very earliest moment when it was possible. In fact, now that it's over it seems like a fairy tale. It's almost like (President) Kennedy yanked a decade out of the 21st century and spliced it into the '60s.”
 Andrew Chaikin - “But I can't tell you when we'll go back to the moon. I think it'll be in the next 50 years, but I don't know. I sure hope we get space tourism before I get too old.”
 Andrew Chaikin - “After the third mission, Apollo became not a gateway to exploration, but a singular moment, ... From Earth to the Moon.”
 Andrew Chaikin - “NASA had to adjust to that cruel reality.”
 Andrew Chaikin - “The flight controllers, the people who manned the trenches in mission control, these were kids. They were in their 20s and 30s. And they were controlling a moon mission.”
 Andrew Chaikin - “I can tell you with some degree of confidence that in the next millennium we'll see human beings walk on other planets and even perhaps go to other stars,”
 Tommy Chaikin - “It was common knowledge that we were using the stuff. I had bottles of juice all over the place. ... Coaches would walk in and see the stuff, but nobody gave a damn.”
 Andrew Chaikin - “It's sort of a house of cards in the sense that all of the hopes for human space flight have been pinned on that station. And if they can't complete it, it's an enormous investment whose potential will be unrealized.”
 Andrew Chaikin - “It's sort of a house of cards in the sense that all of the hopes for human space flight have been pinned on that station,”
 Conrad Aikin - “He whose first emotion, on the view of an excellent work, is to undervalue or depreciate it, will never have one of his own to show.”