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 Troy Aikman - “Needless to say, we're thrilled. Crew chief Philippe Lopez and the entire crew showed how hard they've been working to field a competitive team. Terry was terrific, and we're so fortunate to have him. This was a good start, but we recognize that it's a long season.”
 Troy Aikman - “I know that Tony feels an enormous amount of pressure going into this week and I think our entire crew does, unfortunately. I'd hate for them to put undue pressure on themselves.”
 Troy Aikman - “We got them right where we want them. The stage may be set for one of the greatest comebacks in playoff history. He's clearly frustrated that they haven't really been able to get the ball to him.”
 Troy Aikman - “I hope it's not that difficult. I was 0-11 as starter, but we didn't throw in the towel. We all pulled together to do whatever was necessary to succeed.”
 Troy Aikman - “I know what it was like my rookie year, and I know how difficult this sport is. By no means do we think we can step right in and not have to learn our lessons.”
 Troy Aikman - “Losing doesn't eat at me the way it used to. I just get ready for the next play, the next game, the next season.”
 Leo Aikman - “The best way to break a bad habit is to drop it.”
 Troy Aikman - “The last area of this team you thought you'd be questioning is the defense, but they've given up an awful lot of yards tonight.”
 Troy Aikman - “It was made even more special going in beside Michael and Emmitt, ... I remember looking at the names, but no, I never in my wildest dreams ... I don't know what Michael and Emmitt thought. Knowing them, they thought they were going in.”
 Troy Aikman - “I have gone to several races and been intrigued by the competitiveness of this sport -- the way they go out and compete each and every week. The thought of being involved in that at such a high level was exciting to both of us.”
 Troy Aikman - “If he's not, then somehow you have to be able to get Aaron Rodgers some playing time.”
 Troy Aikman - “I don't agree with this call. I don't agree with this call and only because there's still time on the clock. And with Washington with two timeouts, they still have time to move the football down for a field goal. ... Boy, this is risky.”
 Troy Aikman - “It is amazing to me that, right up until race time, these guys are still accessible to the fans and signing autographs. You would never get that close to any other athlete in any other sport. I don't know that in football - while I was playing or even now m that players really understand or appreciate what drives the sport. In NASCAR, they seem to have a pretty good feel for it.”
 Troy Aikman - “I was with Michael last year before they did the vote, and I know how much it meant to him last year. I know how devastated he was when he was not elected.”
 Troy Aikman - “Even though he was just with me for three years, I felt he got my career on track.”
 Troy Aikman - “We go in with eyes wide open and recognize there will be a lot of hard work involved. But we anticipate having success. We feel like we have assembled a great group of people. If we were going to do it any other way, we would have made an announcement a long time ago. We were very diligent.”
 Troy Aikman - “We're both proud we played for the Cowboys and our history with the team. People know we played for the silver and blue.”
 Troy Aikman - “In my biased opinion, if there ever was a Hall of Fame receiver, it's Michael Irvin. Why he didn't get in - I don't know why he didn't get in.”
 Troy Aikman - “If we went in together it would mean a lot. I'm biased. If there was ever a receiver that had a Hall of Fame career, in my opinion it's Michael Irvin.”
 Troy Aikman - “Obviously, we were disappointed. We understand what happened and why NASCAR had to do what they did. I think most people recognize it was a mistake and not an attempt by anyone on our part to give us an unfair advantage on the racetrack.”
 Troy Aikman - “The humbling part for me is going to be some kid or some fan that in years to come walks into Texas Stadium and sees my name and that will bring up an emotion or memory of something I achieved on the field, ... That's the humbling part of it, and to be alongside some of the great names in the history of this franchise. It means a lot.”
 Troy Aikman - “I've never been a fan of this 'manage the game' stuff. It doesn't make sense to pay guys to make plays, then tell them to go out and not make mistakes. If that's truly your goal, why would you ever have your quarterback drop back and throw a pass”
 Troy Aikman - “I wouldn't want to get into why he didn't make it in. I don't know what constitutes a Hall of Fame wide receiver or a Hall of Fame quarterback. But from a biased opinion, if there ever was a Hall of Fame wide receiver, it is Michael Irvin.”
 Troy Aikman - “I know Tony is feeling some pressure this week because Roger and I live here and our sponsor is based here. But I'd hate for Tony to put undue pressure on himself and try to do too much.”
 Troy Aikman - “I seriously doubt I would be standing here today.”

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