My Favorite Quotes
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 William Aila - “We have a greater responsibility to our beliefs than we do to the federal government.”
 Rick Sungaila - “It's been three years. We can wait until hell freezes over. The longer it (elapsed time) gets, the longer it's going to take for anything to get done.”
 Rick Sungaila - “If you don't want to talk to the cops, talk to this non-law enforcement e-mail.”
 William Aila - “I have an idea, I have a passion and I have a willingness to work with people who may not agree with me.”
 Rick Sungaila - “A doctor is a doctor, a lawyer is a lawyer and a cop is a cop. If I was a father, this would be over with, but I want to do it right.”
 Rick Sungaila - “She told them she was going to tell the court everything. They couldn't let her live that night (April 8). Irene had enough on them.”
 Rick Sungaila - “In a way, I can understand that, because all evidence points to somebody. That's why they're holding off on that. But it will come out in court.”
 William Aila - “What he's doing is making it clear ... that this (disclosing the location of the items) is what he cannot commit to in the Hawaiian mediation process.”
 William Aila - “Good ideas and good solutions sometimes work better than slick campaign ads.”