My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Bailey - “With just 140 to his name, Bailey is nervous about his future. ''They say it could be February or March before we get back. I'll try to get a job and survive it's all I can do.”
 Tom Bailey - “These amounts truly represent investments we made during the fourth quarter that we strongly believe provide the potential to provide future value to our shareholders.”
 Jerry Bailey - “I took a hold of him to see how much he would turn offthinking of the future mile-and-a-halfand he turned off fine,”
 Jayeneca Bailey - “In the second half we didn't let them come back, unlike at the begging of the season when we weren't winning close games.”
 Max Bailey - “He's a sophomore, but he's really coming on. We've taken the training wheels off and now at the end of close games he's in there.”
 James Bailey - “His first words were How's my games'”
 James Bailey - “His first words were, 'How's my games'”
 James Bailey - “His first words were 'How's my games'”
 John Bailey - “You truly are the greatest generation. ... Some consider that a cliche, but I don't.”
 Ollie Bailey - “That was probably my best game since I've been here. Louisville was a ranked team and my team needed me to give them a spark. And that's what I did.”
 William Bailey - “Those are the two measures by which we look at a market, and when you increase potential numbers of properties that might be damaged and the severity of that damage, you give us great pause,”
 Carl Bailey - “It seems like all five guys can score. They're going to give us lots of problems.”
 Steve Bailey - “We won't jump right in and spend all of those dollars. But we will redirect crews to fill potholes or to other construction activities like ... curb replacement. This will give us a little head start on that.”
 Chan Gailey - “Obviously things are set up to give him many more opportunities. The key is to complete more of the things that are set up.”
 Chan Gailey - “Nobody's like them. Nobody gives us everything they give us.”
 Chan Gailey - “We need to score touchdowns and not settle for field goals in the fourth quarter.”
 Jim Bailey - “I treat my customers like gold. I want them to feel very comfortable calling if there's any way that we can help. One of the first things that they'll find is that they don't have to talk to a machine when they call. Our phones are answered by real people. When our customers call, they can expect to get results.”
 Jim Bailey - “She knows the course pretty well. She knows what type of shots it's going to take to play on that golf course. It's a mentally tough golf course, and we'll just have to see what happens.”
 Kevin Bailey - “When he released it, from my angle, it looked like it was good.”
 Brian Bailey - “I think the wide array of experiences I've had have given me good preparation to look at issues from different perspectives.”
 Max Bailey - “He's probably shooting about 75 percent at the line. He's turned into a good point guard. He paid his dues last year playing behind (Jeremiah) Crane.”
 Christopher Bailey - “Overall, the building is in very good shape the air conditioning is functioning, and the roof is good. The athletic areas just need to be set up, and offices need to be reconfigured.”
 Sarah Bailey - “To lose a house, have my husband in the hospital and lose our three pets, it's not been a good day. I think that's what gets me so upset when somebody says that they rescued us and saved our lives.”
 Scott Bailey - “Distressed' is all relative. Cowlitz County is almost always higher than the state, but in terms of job growth, things are certainly improving.”
 Scott Bailey - “Any connection we can have with a larger city is positive. The more growth, the more potential for commercial growth. That's what Severance needs right now. We're a little behind in commercial growth because of the boom in residential.”

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