My Favorite Quotes
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 John Aimers - “I think her overwhelming legacy is one of having made the office of Governor General visible and engaged in a way that it certainly hadn't been in at least a generation, if not more.”
 John Aimers - “I don't know the truth, ... I want to hear it from her lips.”
 John Aimers - “It was only early the next morning that I found out she had come to the service and left from her reception to go to her father's deathbed.”
 John Aimers - “She connected with the military in a way I know they appreciate, not only the brass but the serving soldiers who saw someone who had made a point of getting to know them.”
 John Aimers - “I suppose one could construct Madame Clarkson's very active involvement in these last few days and her coming to the ceremony as wanting to support the office and the institution in the face of some controversy that's been around Madame Jean, and a desire to be visible in support of her,”