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 Austin Ainge - “We got a lot of loose balls and tipped rebounds. Our big guys did a good job down low. That ... proved to be the difference in the game.”
 Austin Ainge - “I always think I'm feeling it, but unfortunately I haven't had too many great shooting nights this season. But I just kept hanging in there. It's a huge win for us.”
 Erik Ainge - “I thought we played pretty good on offense, on both sides. We made some plays and that's the biggest thing. We're out there making plays and we're having fun.”
 Erik Ainge - “We left a lot of plays on the field, whether it was a bad route, bad throw or dropped pass. I thought we played pretty good, but pretty good isn't enough against Florida.”
 Erik Ainge - “It's as frustrating to me as it is anyone on offense, any time you're not getting it done. Dropped balls, we had a few of those. Poor throws, we had those. We threw too many interceptions. There were just a lot of things. It was not any one thing that got us beat.”
 Erik Ainge - “I love coach Sanders, but getting Coach Cutcliffe in here is probably for the better and we'll all get out there and take one day at a time.”
 Danny Ainge - “I'm always talking about Ryan and how we haven't been able to give him time. Well, this is our chance to get a good look at him.”
 Erik Ainge - “It was as frustrating for me as for anyone on offense. Anytime you're not getting it done -- dropped balls, poor throws. There were a lot of things, not just one thing that got us beat today.”
 Danny Ainge - “I felt that the other way was not working, and I felt this was a logical direction for us to go. Even though it's not a finished product, and this isn't the trade where we're all of a sudden we're going to win the division, it is a good trade for both teams for where they were, which was underachieving.”
 Danny Ainge - “I have no plans to trade Paul Pierce.”
 Erik Ainge - “There's never a dull moment. If you walk on your last two steps before you get to the next drill, he's in your ear screaming. It's new, but I think it's going to be good for us.”
 Danny Ainge - “I think that Doc is a guy that can be with the same group for a long time because I feel that the young players today need a tough-minded coach. They need to practice. They need to watch film. I think that he's going to be better next year than this year.”
 Austin Ainge - “I had a chance to sit and watch the press from the bench, so when I got the chance to go in, I had an idea of what I could do.”
 Erik Ainge - “And you know, making those mistakes and learning from them is part of growing up as a quarterback. There were mistakes I made last year that I won't make again.”
 Erik Ainge - “Once you get out of that rhythm and you're trying to get back into that rhythm sometimes you try to do too much. You want to stay on the field, so you try to make plays happen.”
 Danny Ainge - “I can make a trade every day if I want to, but that's not going to help us. A trade that would get us better rarely comes along. They're very difficult to find. Good trades are very difficult in our league and don't happen very often.”
 Austin Ainge - “It's a shame the game wasn't on ESPN-Plus because that would have been play of the day for sure. Actually I didn't think my pass was all that good, but Trent got to it and, well, that was awesome.”
 Danny Ainge - “With the NBA scheduling, a lot of times it puts the onus on teams traveling. You play Utah one night and a team like Phoenix is resting and waiting for you the next night. That's tough. So you run into some circumstances like that more, it seems, on the road than you do at home.”
 Danny Ainge - “Gerald is still a major, major priority for us on the developmental side. We plan on bringing him back this season.”
 Danny Ainge - “Marcus Banks had three years here, to play, and he had three coaches (Jim O'Brien, John Carroll, Doc Rivers) that weren't real excited about him. I think Marcus is a good player, but I don't think (there was) impatience, certainly not like a Joe Johnson or Chauncey Billups situation, you know, rookie players that were very high (draft) picks.”
 Danny Ainge - “We're going to wait to decide on team discipline. And that's an internal matter we'll never discuss.”
 Erik Ainge - “You saw about a quarter of the defense. The offense had a little bit of an advantage. It came down to execution.”
 Danny Ainge - “He can play defense at that position, and he can score. He is a playground legend in Chicago.”
 Danny Ainge - “I think 2 12 years of evaluating and watching practice every day and watching Ricky's performance on and off the court and in the locker room and everything else, we felt it was better to look in a different direction.”
 Danny Ainge - “Not right away. But we could be looking at the possibility of a 10-day contract guy.”

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