My Favorite Quotes
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 Denise Ainsworth - “This was a huge confidence-builder for our girls. Lauren was so smooth out there today, and she showed a tremendous amount of poise for a ninth-grader. There were some rough spots, but this gives us something to build on.”
 Brian Ainsworth - “I didn't feel the electricity today. I didn't see the spark in the team's eyes.”
 Denise Ainsworth - “I've been coaching Aynsley in all sports for years and she's always been a clutch performer. She's unorthodox in her form sometimes, but she always gets the job done.”
 Denise Ainsworth - “It was good to see us rise to occasion. Getting an early lead gives you a mental edge. You know one mistake is not going to beat you.”
 Brian Ainsworth - “Thomas faked a late steal and the pitcher bit by throwing to first. It's actually a play we practiced on for about a half hour the day before the game.”
 Brian Ainsworth - “We don't seem to play well in the opening game of doubleheaders. Our destiny is in our hands. If we win, we still have a chance to win the district championship.”
 Brian Ainsworth - “We couldn't come up with the key hits. And we weren't mentally prepared on defense. To win, you have to play every play, and we didn't do that today.”
 Keith Ainsworth - “The town was given a pretty clear message that it needed a new site.”
 Denise Ainsworth - “Katie and (catcher Eryn) Richardson did a great job. Katie was hitting her spots and Eryn kept them off balance with the pitch selection.”