My Favorite Quotes
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 Ewan Aitken - “Some councils have only two or three pupils who need this help. That is not a big enough group to build up real expertise in dealing with them. They will look at using specialists like Spark of Genius.”
 Jonathan Aitken - “In Port Headland, happiness comes smithereen-shaped.”
 Jonathan Aitken - “If you find an Australian indoors, it's a fair bet that he will have a glass in his hand.”
 Erin Aitken - “I thought we had a chance despite what I thought was one of the most uninspiring performances by my team since I've been the head coach here. But of course, the two things that have hurt us all season, turnovers and poor shooting percentage, cost us at the end.”
 Ruth Aitken - “It was a great game, but I thought we kept our steel.”
 Ruth Aitken - “She certainly wasn't comfortable today.”
 Ruth Aitken - “She came back in great form after a few matches in Newcastle. She was really on the top of her game match-wise.”
 Ruth Aitken - “We're aware of them through the World Youth Cup. We might not have seen them in the green and gold, but we are very aware of them.”
 Robert Aitken - “I was struck again by the need to collaborate and to work together strategically among churches in a city. One of the speakers really challenged me when he asked what other organization would have 1,200 franchises in one city that never talk to each other”
 Ewan Aitken - “In some cases, this will provide a solution for councils. The public forgets that we have a statutory obligation to deliver education for every child, and some kids just cannot thrive in a mainstream school.”
 Ruth Aitken - “Jess is an exciting young shooter who shows great maturity in her game.”
 Erin Aitken - “Our defense stepped up in the third quarter, and Missy hitting those two shots were just huge. It gave us some breathing room and we were able to make some adjustments.”
 Ruth Aitken - “We were sort of having to extricate ourselves from bodies which just takes a bit longer but it's very good for when we play the likes of Jamaica and etc, that you just don't get free runs at things. It was a good reminder that you certainly have to meet the ball.”
 Ewan Aitken - “There are things to learn in the reviews of how primary schools and nurseries alert parents of child absences. That is on-going.”
 Ruth Aitken - “We feel it is important over the length of the tournament that we use all 12 players and we have full confidence in those 12 because you never know what is going to happen further down the track.”
 Ewan Aitken - “The actions of one individual have made many people's lives very difficult, in particular the children who were supposed to be moving in to new schools.”
 Mark Aitken - “He'll have to declare conflicts on county business. But he doesn't have to resign his post on council.”
 Ruth Aitken - “You had to be brave to win a game like this. It was heaven and hell wrapped up in one.”
 Ruth Aitken - “I think certainly we felt Australia didn't have a good day at the office that day and we know they'll be much improved.”
 Jonathan Aitken - “Breaking a glass in the Northwest is rather like belching in Arabia, for it appears to be done as a mark of appreciation or elation.”
 Aitken - “Each koan is a window that show the whole truth but just from a single vantage. It is limited in perspective. One hundred koans give one hundred vantages. When they are enriched with insightful comments and poems, then you have ten thousand vantages. There is no end to this process of enrichment.”
 Aitken - “Koan. A presentation of the harmony of the Universal and the Particular a theme of Zazen to be made clear. A classic Mondo, or a Zen story.”
 Aitken - “Koans are the folk stories of Zen Buddhism, metaphorical narratives that particularize essential nature.”
 Robert Aitken - “The Universal is always the same, the specifics are always different.”