My Favorite Quotes
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 Fouad Ajami - “There must have been great yearning and repression in Mohamed Atta's life it is the torment of Atta's generation. They were placed perilously close to modernity, but they could not partake of it.”
 Fouad Ajami - “Even Grand Ayatollah al-Sistani does not want a quote-unquote Islamic State, ... He wants a state that respects the place of Islam in public life.”
 Jerard Ajami - “I thought they were the best defensive team in the state, and they showed it. You could hear the coaches. They knew who we were and what plays we were running. They were smart.”
 Jerard Ajami - “I thought he was going to pass it. Once he got by one man, I knew he was going to go all the way and put it down.”
 Jerard Ajami - “We all knew (Friday) felt like the (title) game. But all of us know that (today's) the big one.”
 Fouad Ajami - “I think the violence will continue. Alas, we have learned not to believe that deliverance is around the corner. We are at the end of year three of this war and every hope that the violence has subside, has been betrayed.”
 Fouad Ajami - “I don't think the constitution will make or break Iraq. What will make or break Iraq is the coalition of this national will.”
 Fouad Ajami - “These others -- the overwhelming majority of Iraq's people -- have repeatedly given every indication of valuing their newfound freedom voting in two elections at the risk of their lives, preparing for a third, writing and ratifying a constitution granting more freedoms than exist in any country in the entire Arab Middle East. The secret is out, ... There is something decent unfolding in Iraq. It's unfolding in the shadow of a terrible insurgency, but a society is finding its way to constitutional politics.”