My Favorite Quotes
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 Daniel Akaka - “I do not believe, given her past decisions and comments on the reasons to go to war in Iraq, that Dr. Rice will be able to represent the United States without a predetermined bias from the war.”
 Daniel Akaka - “As it has for America's other indigenous peoples, I believe the United States must fulfill its responsibility to Native Hawaiians.”
 Daniel Akaka - “As long as you're here in Hawaii you learn to have great respect for this particular goddess and you can see her work still evident today at her volcano,”
 Daniel Akaka - “Akaka said yesterday the future of Hawaiian programs could hinge on whether the bill is successful. When that happens, the courts I think will view these cases differently, ... But it will be in the hands of the courts.”
 Daniel Akaka - “A tremendous amount of needless pain and suffering can be eliminated by ensuring that health insurance is universally available.”
 Daniel Akaka - “My intent in drafting this bill is to provide Native Hawaiians with the opportunity to reorganize their governing entity for the purposes of a federally recognized government-to-government relationship with the United States, ... This is important because it provides parity in the way the federal government deals with the indigenous peoples who inhabited the lands which have become the United States.”
 Daniel Akaka - “Unless FEMA has a direct line to the president, the people of Hawaii and the nation are at risk. FEMA must be restored as an independent agency.”
 Daniel Akaka - “Akaka and others in the delegation downplayed the Justice Department's statement yesterday. Every practical policy issue raised by DOJ in our negotiations has been addressed and resolved, ... Although I realize and respect that there are those who have differing views, the bill is constitutional.”
 Daniel Akaka - “It is imperative that we make consumers more aware of the long-term effects of their financial decisions, particularly in managing their credit card debt, so that they can avoid financial pitfalls that may lead to bankruptcy.”
 Daniel Akaka - “Unlike most major American cities, Honolulu is geographically insulated from the rest of the country. When disaster strikes we cannot call on neighboring states for assistance.”
 Daniel Akaka - “Congress has a duty to taxpayers to make informed decisions when carrying out its legislative, appropriation, and oversight functions. Such decisions require access to timely and accurate information, and when access is restricted, we are unable to provide oversight and fulfill our constitutional responsibilities.”
 Daniel Akaka - “This legislation would restore American confidence in our meat industry by setting a uniform national standard. It sends the right message to consumers here in the United States and around the world that our meat industry is serious about ensuring the health and well being of all consumers.”
 Daniel Akaka - “There is a human capital crisis in the federal government. Not only are we losing the decades of talent as civil servants retire, we are not doing enough to develop and nurture the next generation of public servants.”
 Daniel Akaka - “New drugs and surgical techniques offer promise in the fight against cancer, Alzheimer's, tuberculosis, AIDS, and a host of other life-threatening diseases. Animal research has been, and continues to be, fundamental to advancements in medicine.”
 Daniel Akaka - “I am delighted the president has signed this bill, ... Hawaii can now begin to develop alternative sources of water.”
 Daniel Akaka - “The question of whether or not Congress has the authority to federally recognize a Native Hawaiian governing entity is an issue that has yet to be ruled on by the courts,”
 Daniel Akaka - “A more effective international disease surveillance system is essential for global security both against a bioterrorist attack or a naturally occurring disease.”
 Daniel Akaka - “I have witnessed how education opens doors, and I know that when sound instruction takes place, students experience the joys of new-found knowledge and the ability to excel.”