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 John Blake - “The next three games are the most important games of the season, ... and it's about to start. We have to stay focused.”
 James Blake - “Dean is doing a great job. He's extremely laid-back and an extremely knowledgeable coach, which I think fits great with our team. He's there to help if we need it. He also knows not to probably go overboard we all have our own coaches, we all know kind of what we're working on in our games, and he just is there to help keep our focus there this week and keep our spirits high, I guess.”
 Rob Blake - “We finally had to battle to win a game. I think we've been getting away with just outscoring teams and it's kind of caught us the last two weeks. We haven't been working nearly hard enough to win games.”
 Dallas Drake - “We've played a lot of games in January and up to this point. And we'll play a lot after the break. So it's important for guys to get the rest.”
 Steve Blake - “You can't expect to win games when you're giving up that many points after three quarters.”
 Ray Drake - “One of the reasons why we started the season 2-6 was because all the other guys were just waiting for Ben to get it done. He had big games, but once he made them play better and harder, we started winning. He was a good leader for the other guys.”
 Rob Blake - “We didn't get the puck in the net. That's the bottom line. Three out of four games, it's tough.”
 Rob Blake - “Definitely. We're going to be fighting down the stretch and we have that western swing with . . . the teams we are battling with. You want be in a position for those three games coming up to be real big.”
 Rob Blake - “When you win some games in a row, the panic gets out of the way. We know David's going to shut it down for us now.”
 William Blake - “Improvement makes straight roads but the crooked roads without improvement are roads of genius”
 William Blake - “Mechanical excellence is the only vehicle of genius.”
 William Blake - “What is the Divine Spirit Is the Holy Ghost any other than an Intellectual fountain”
 Justin Timberlake - “When a person like her, who's obviously a sweet person, is having their first child, it's like, leave the girl alone,'”
 Justin Timberlake - “I may not ever get over her, ... I really do still love that girl.”
 Sanoe Lake - “This is a girl power film. It's definitely one I think girls will relate to more than men, but as far as the cinematography in it -- it's amazing,”
 Sanoe Lake - “This is a girl power film. It's definitely one I think girls will relate to more than men, but as far as the cinematography in it -- it's amazing.”
 Brooks Shumake - “It's the same old thing (with Hartsville). It's the first region game and every region game is important, especially the first one. We know they've got a good ball team. They've improved a lot, but we hope to give them all they can handle.”
 James Blake - “What resonated for Blake during his match with Agassi was when Jimmy Connors sits down and says, 'This is what they came for. This is what we'll give them.' ... It doesn't get any bigger, or better, than that.”
 Bryan Blake - “I'd give him an A-plus. With only three-days practice, we had to cram a lot in and he worked hard.”
 Rob Blake - “We knew they were going to give it their best. They have a lot of character and a lot of veterans over there. We weren't up to the task. They are right back in this series.”
 Rob Blake - “You never want to give a team life. We know how good they can be.”
 James Blake - “Whether I win or lose, it's nice to be able to give it my best.”
 Tyler Blake - “The teams we'd beaten were off to mostly slow starts. This win will give people a little better idea of what this team is made of.”
 Dallas Drake - “We've got to get back to remember what we did to give us success when we were winning. What gave us success was everybody contributed, it wasn't one or two guys.”
 Bob Blake - “But we never did give up. I was proud of that.”

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