My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Baker - “We expect holiday sales for consumer electronics to be OK. Last year was such as a good year that the big gains maybe aren't sustainable.”
 George Baker - “At our twentieth reunion, we had a picnic at Cascade Park. It was 1951 and most of us had little kids. There were games and contests and it was a lot of fun.”
 Ted Baker - “Given that we're starting on Sept. 2 and the NHL pre-season doesn't start until two or three weeks after that, we'll be able to dialogue with the NHL about things we're seeing in our games that will hopefully help everyone.”
 Christian Maraker - “When they double me, it creates driving lanes for Esparza. He's been real aggressive the last two games, and pretty soon they're not going to sag off him as much. That will open things up for me.”
 Tommy Amaker - “They're a team that's already played in a different venue. They've gone on the road to win a couple games in this tournament, which shows toughness on their part. What the Colonial conference has done this season, certainly, this is a team that needs to be reckoned with.”
 Van Baker - “Right now, it's no more than a couple of ideas in his head that still have to be turned into games.”
 Kristin Baker - “There's been games I haven't been on, and Jeri Dee will step up and get a double-double.”
 Mark Slonaker - “They just find ways to win games. They pose problems for us. They're 7-1 in the league they've posed a lot of problems for the rest of the league.”
 Mark Slonaker - “We're just always pretty evenly-matched. We tend to match up well, and that's why games go down to the wire. This one should, too.”
 Matt Baker - “you're not going to win games like that, when you go dead for a whole quarter.”
 Ryan Baker - “It's not just me being hot. It's everybody doing the job together. Everybody's getting on base. When you have runners on, you learn to do the job - whether it's two strikes, first pitch, whatever. It's not really me being hot. Everybody's having multiple-hit games. Everybody's coming around, and that's what we were expecting to have.”
 Stacy Baker - “Always. This is my seventh year and our games with Reed are always tough. The intensity is always high.”
 Joe Shoemaker - “Alex has had a couple of bad games in a row shooting the ball, and we talked about it, and he came out and took a lot of good looks tonight and made them. The team did a good job of realizing who was hot and getting the ball to him when we needed to.”
 James Baker - “Ladies and gentlemen, at some point -- at some point -- there must be closure,”
 Pam Baker - “Everyone was in a real dither, but we made it through fine. I was only a little girl, but I remember how upset everyone got.”
 Ken Baker - “A girl 11, 12, 13 will see Paris Hilton wearing something and I'm told by shop owners that they'll bring the magazine with them and say 'I want to wear that,'”
 Sally Baker - “The girl that was with him said she heart one shot, not two.”
 Bob Baker - “These investments will increase the capacity of our 200mm manufacturing network to support our platform initiatives and will give us additional supply flexibility across a range of products.”
 Kevin Baker - “Bass would give them a good footprint in Britain as well as an entry into the U.S..”
 Jack Baker - “But even as stocks retreated across the market, participants suggested that the recent record runs by small stocks pointed to favorable movements. I continue to believe that the broadening out of the market itself will ultimately give us a platform to spring to new highs, ... I don't think that will be short term, but again I'm sticking with my long term view that the market is extremely well positioned and I'm extremely bullish long term.”
 Robin Baker - “We're not asking you to give them a reward for good citizenship, ... Believe their testimony.”
 Tommy Amaker - “He certainly played at a high level. Down the stretch you want to give everything you have, and he certainly has performed very well.”
 Tommy Amaker - “He was just outstanding. He gave us all that he could give us tonight. He kept making plays and making shots.”
 William Slemaker - “Our governor could boycott Mexico. Tell the citizens to boycott Mexico to give us answers.”
 Mary Baker - “The role of the city in economic development is to ... give the citizens some idea of what they need.”

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