My Favorite Quotes
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 Amy Baker - “I am so thrilled. I think we are an extremely strong exec board . . . The members are all enthusiastic and have good heads on their shoulders.”
 Amy Hunsaker - “The kids are excited to be out there. We've got some pretty good all-around athletes.”
 Andee Whitaker - “She is a great player by every means. When she was driving in, I had good help and I stayed down on her. Basically, everybody pulled together as a team on her and on the post (players).”
 Mark Slonaker - “They're a very good team in all phases of the game.”
 Scott Baker - “I felt good about the outing. All I can do is try to keep the team in the game.”
 Scott Baker - “It just hit me in a good spot, ... I wouldn't say I had my best stuff, but I made adjustments, kept the ball down and got the job done.”
 Dave Baker - “We had a good holiday season.”
 Chris Baker - “Oh man, we're excited. The receivers are getting more balls, and we feel pretty good about it.”
 Chris Baker - “We're excited. If you're a receiver, you're getting more balls, so you feel pretty good about it.”
 Craig Shoemaker - “We really felt that they were not a very good shooting team on the outside.”
 Chris Whitaker - “We were lucky to get out of jail tonight, but it's good to get a win away from home.”
 Stacy Baker - “She (Craig) just got a hold of it and hit it well. Kate throws so hard, so when somebody really connects, it could go a long way. But we know we can't sit on one run against Reed. They are too good of a team.”
 Gerard Baker - “He'll be very successful working with the tribe. He's not just a good manager. He's very culturally aware.”
 Dusty Baker - “His velocity appears to be up, his location was good. I'm sure he's not happy about not covering first base. He's been working on it, and we've been making him very conscious of it, but the way he falls off, I don't know, it just looks like he has a lapse or something. Other than that, he threw the ball good.”
 Mike Whitaker - “And we're still inconsistent at our offensive line. We're still looking to fill a guard and tackle spot. We've been adding plays and maybe that's been bothering them. We have days where we look good and we have not-so-good days.”
 Dusty Baker - “You know he's better than he's pitching. The good thing is his arm feels good and he's in great shape.”
 Dusty Baker - “Zambrano threw a heck of a game. I tried to let him get his 15th (win). We just played a good game, an outstanding game. Pettitte threw a good game, and it was all knotted up. Michael B. (Barrett) got a clutch, clutch hit.”
 Fred Baker - “I think anytime you get all the groups together, practicing and doing the thing, residents have to feel good that we are doing the best at what's thrown at us. Did things go perfectly No. Were there things we learned We learned tons of things.”
 Ellen Baker - “It lathers up pretty good and you can wipe it off and your hair feels reasonably clean.”
 Tommy Amaker - “It's a signature win for us because we recognize how good Illinois has been. It was also important for us to stay in the thick of the Big Ten race.”
 Tommy Amaker - “I feel bad for Lester. I don't know how severe it is but it didn't look good when he went down. But he's as tough as they come.”
 Tommy Amaker - “He's a good player. I'm really disappointed on the way we guarded their entire team, but he was definitely the catalyst when they jumped out.”
 Mike Baker - “They'd like to be more deliberate on offense and they do a good job with that. If we can do what we do, we'll be all right.”
 Dusty Baker - “That's a real good sign. It shows the kind of guys we have here.”
 Norman Baker - “It is all very well for the government to trumpet the merits of technology in reducing carbon emissions, but it simply isn't enough we need robust, measurable targets, not just vague aspirations.”

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