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 Mike Baker - “OLN coordinating producer Mike Baker senses momentum for the sport. OLN shot a vignette Tuesday with Donald Trump and plans to shoot one Wednesday with Hulk Hogan for use on Wednesday night's New York Rangers-Philadelphia Flyers game coverage. Trump loves ... Everybody is excited about hockey, and when people like Trump and Hogan are saying it, the message is really getting out.”
 Stephen Baker - “Historically, November is the month when manufacturers and retailers vie for consumer dollars, simply to generate the most revenue at the start of the holiday buying season.”
 Ron Slaymaker - “We're coming into the heat of the holiday season and we're not seeing any discernible changes. Most of our customers are bullish.”
 Pam Baker - “It's a real holiday. We all come together, no matter what our differences are, and work like a well-oiled machine to produce the best barbecue in Alabama.”
 Chris Whitaker - “The record is something I'll be enormously proud of and it's pretty humbling to be honest.”
 Dusty Baker - “He's real honest about when he's had enough.”
 Dusty Baker - “Honestly, I wish he hadn't said anything. I spoke to Michael about it. He said 'Oh, man, I didn't think about it.' He was honest and forthcoming with information. I showed him a couple books I had about strategy and war.”
 Christian Maraker - “This one has a little more weight than all the other ones. This is the big one. It's a great honor.”
 Dusty Baker - “It's more of an honor system. I'd be the first one to admit it. But if they're young and they're drinking, they're done anyway. You can tell.”
 Dick Hunsaker - “I am real happy for David. It's a nice individual honor that he has worked hard to achieve.”
 Tom Baker - “The torch of hope still burns in the hearts of many for the safety of those who protect our beautiful America. Tom Baker”
 Mark Slonaker - “We are proud of Will's efforts in the classroom and we are glad to see that he is being recognized for his accomplishments. We hope this will bode well for him as he attempts to repeat as a first team Academic All-America selection.”
 Jean Baker - “I hope they think things through before jumping in with both feet, ... If they are in a leadership position now, it's a different animal. You just can't use funds to transfer from one account to another.”
 Susan Baker - “We hope to have everyone back on by (Tuesday) evening.”
 Kathy Baker - “A lot rides on the talks and what gets resolved on Monday and Thursday. It is our hope the talks will remain open and positive.”
 Dusty Baker - “I'd rather not have the Cardinals celebrate here, of course. Our whole thing is just to win. If it does happen here, I hope they don't have me come over and clean it up.”
 Dusty Baker - “It is what it is. Hope it comes out well and hope it's not anything serious.”
 Dusty Baker - “I hope it comes out well,”
 Dusty Baker - “My hope doesn't need reinvigorating, ... I had hope regardless.”
 Dusty Baker - “My hope doesn't need reinvigorating. I had hope regardless.”
 Dusty Baker - “I'd like to see him get anything he can get, because he deserves it. I'd like to see him get 100 RBIs. He's been knocking on 99 for a while. I just hope he gets that.”
 Dusty Baker - “I hope it comes out well. I hope it's not anything serious. I hope and pray it's something minor and he recovers well.”
 Dusty Baker - “You hope it's just a minor setback. We have to stay positive and keep our fingers crossed.”
 Dusty Baker - “I just hope he's all right.”
 Dusty Baker - “You'd hope so and think so. Usually when it comes down to the last couple roster spots, you go on what you have seen here as well as the past.”

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