My Favorite Quotes
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 Dusty Baker - “Once you get it, keep it, and hope it stays for awhile.”
 Dusty Baker - “We have plenty of options right now. You hope it remains plenty. You never know what's going to happen. Right now, we'll go with the best per day.”
 Dusty Baker - “I don't think it'll be that long. Hope not. He could come rather quickly. He's five, six weeks behind.”
 Dusty Baker - “I hope not. I love having him here. He's part of all this.”
 Dusty Baker - “I've never seen a team lose two guys on one play. We've just got to hold our breath on Lee and hope that everything is all right. He's a strong man, but we just have to pray.”
 Tim Baker - “I still hope US Airway makes it, ... I've got a lot of friends left up there.”
 Tim Baker - “I still hope US Airway makes it. I've got a lot of friends left up there.”
 Brad Baker - “I hope somebody who cares does something. This is an asset to the city.”
 Ann Baker - “We have been seriously delayed because of a lack of leadership, and I hope one day we can find that leadership.”
 Sally Baker - “We do feel the process is humane when a horse has to be slaughtered.”
 Jack Whitaker - “Roughian was the roughest, ... When something happens to a highly talented horse, the sorrow was intensified.”
 Johnny Whitaker - “Over the course of the evening, nine went to the hospital through the emergency room. One stayed overnight for observation.”
 David Baker - “It's great to support us and all that, but 1-million a year is a heck of a support. Children's Hospital has been very supportive and it's not on the board radar to close us down right now. But if we lose a couple hundred thousand dollars more in funding, I don't know if they can support us any more. It's getting to the straw that breaks the camel's back.”
 David Baker - “He's expected to be in the hospital for about 24 hours.”
 Ginger Baker - “In 1968, I was driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco in a Shelby Cobra with three gorgeous young birds. Suddenly, the radio program was interrupted to report that I'd just been found in my hotel room dead from an overdose.”
 Steve Baker - “It's not as big a gamble as you would imagine it would be. It's all geared to hotel rooms and increasing the length of stay in hotel rooms.”
 Richard Baker - “In Louisiana we call this putting the fox in charge of the hen house,”
 Jennifer Baker - “Category 5 wiring is very popular with telecommuters and for surround sound in multiple rooms of the house,”
 Jennifer Baker - “Category 5 wiring is very popular with telecommuters and for surround sound in multiple rooms of the house. When you have speakers in several rooms, you don't want to see the wiring, so it's much more aesthetically pleasing.”
 Kim Baker - “It was many more than we expected, and over half of them had come to town just to visit the house.”
 Ross Baker - “So long as he is a free man, still a member of the House and participating in the conference, his influence is going to remain considerable.”
 Mike Baker - “I'm not really gearing up to close up the house and battening down the hatches for the cold, but I am contemplating putting snow tires on both my cars.”
 Richard Baker - “It's certainly alright to introduce what you think is appropriate, but it's not mutually exclusive, ... What the House and Senate passes is ultimately what matters most.”
 Joan Baker - “I'll never own another house,”
 Howard Baker - “Foreign Minister Kawaguchi told me that Sgt. Jenkins' medical condition is serious and asked that the United States consider the humanitarian aspects of this case,”

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