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 Dusty Baker - “It's impossible to predict a rehab. We want him as soon as possible, but you can't rush him. You have to build him up to the point where you have him at the end of the year. Hopefully, it's not too long.”
 Jamie Baker - “Baker, 19, from Glasgow, who stands at 444 in the world rankings, has taken encouragement from Murray's rise to the top 100. The goal here is simple raise your world ranking, ... For the Scottish boys the whole mood has changed since Andy broke through. Suddenly it doesn't seem impossible.”
 Jamie Baker - “The goal here is simple raise your world ranking. For the Scottish boys the whole mood has changed since Andy broke through. Suddenly it doesn't seem impossible.”
 Ann Baker - “If we didn't have these guys to help us, we wouldn't be able to have these baskets. Just imagine trying to fill 94 baskets. It would almost be impossible. That's why we appreciate everything that these guys do and we appreciate them.”
 Dallas Baker - “My main focus right now is to improve going into next year.”
 James Baker - “We currently have a sustained operational atmospheric observing system that has enabled us to dramatically improve atmospheric weather forecasts. We have invested in operational ocean observing systems in the Pacific that have enabled us to provide successful El Nio-based seasonal atmospheric forecasts. This report calls on us to take the next step and expand the operational systems to the global ocean.”
 Dusty Baker - “We certainly have to improve at home.”
 Paul Brewbaker - “We saw that income in Hawaii grew very fast in 2004 and continues to grow, but the real story is that inflation is eating it up.”
 Tom Baker - “Time is a variable component which effects each of our individual lives. We are stewards of this precious item that we each possess. Not really knowing how many seconds are left in our individual time clocks, should not affect our daily performances. Tom Baker”
 Dusty Baker - “I'll talk to them all together and come up with something before we leave from here. This is a team thing. It's not an individual thing. That's how I'll treat it, as a team thing.”
 Jamie Baker - “With the industry just now starting to turn down the capacity knob, the phenomenon of surging US Airways (revenue per available seat mile) is not incorporated in today's results.”
 Jamie Baker - “Ultimately, industry adaptation is helped by higher crude, insofar as fares will continue moving higher, labor costs lower, and at some point even the most stubborn (airlines) may see the need to decelerate.”
 Dean Baker - “Consumer prices are likely to catch up eventually, say economists. I'm not a big inflation hawk, ... but consumers are almost certainly going to be paying more.”
 Jack Baker - “Joseph Sibley was one of the premier historical figures of the oil region and his influence extended worldwide.”
 John Whitaker - “They appear to be just singling out driving under the influence.”
 Andy Whitaker - “One month of information really isn't helpful but, yes, there was a decline in February.”
 Peter Schoomaker - “some soldiers continue to post sensitive information to Internet Web sites and blogs, i.e., photos depicting weapon system vulnerabilities and tactics, techniques and procedures.”
 Tommy Amaker - “We have no more information on him. He's out indefinitely.”
 Ross Baker - “What Democrats and Republicans in the Senate are going to agree on is we need more information.' I don't believe she is confirmable without information about her work while she was counsel to the president.”
 Stewart Baker - “We now have access to information we didn't have before. ... It's no longer a 'gap.' We can have it anytime we like.”
 Jay Baker - “If public officials just come out in a vacuum and tell people to leave, they're not going to do it. There has to be background level of information that reinforces what public officials tell people to do.”
 John Whitaker - “Obviously, we want to get more information to verify these things.”
 Dusty Baker - “With the injury he had, the biggest hurdle is everything. It's an injury to his core, which controls everything getting out of bed, getting in and out of the car, getting up and down, hitting, fielding, throwing.”
 Tommy Amaker - “Maybe I've been cautious with him, but it's in all of our best interests. I don't know what is realistic, but one thing we've seen is that these kids are not the same when they first come back from an injury. I think it takes a while.”
 Dusty Baker - “I told them what we're looking for. Hopefully, start the season injury-free, you build it up through the season, you'd like to get off to a good start, and we're looking for a championship -- the same thing we're looking for every year.”

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