My Favorite Quotes
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 Shoaib Akhtar - “We played very well against England and won comprehensively. We are working hard as a team and are all looking forward to the series against India.”
 Shoaib Akhtar - “I have informed the Pakistan board that my injury was aggravated two days ago and it will take another four to five weeks to heal up,”
 Shoaib Akhtar - “That would mean that I would be in peak condition by the time the England tour comes around, which has always been my main target.”
 Shoaib Akhtar - “They're going to have to rely on the reverse swing to get people out. I think it's going to be a tough series.”
 Shoaib Akhtar - “The doctors advised me six weeks rest after I bruised my ankle during the test series but I played in pain for four games.”
 Shoaib Akhtar - “I have acute pain in my right shoulder which is very stiff. I could have played by taking pain killer injections but it is risky and I have decided to take the rest.”
 Shoaib Akhtar - “I don't want to miss the England tour, and hope that I make it after healing the injuries.”
 Shoaib Akhtar - “Now I want to play selected matches so that I can contribute to the best effect whenever I am on the field.”
 Shoaib Akhtar - “The Australian surgeon David Young feared the worst initially but after the operation he told me that my knees are stable and I can still play five to six years.”
 Shoaib Akhtar - “Dr Young told me that the surgery was a success and I would be able to get back on my feet by Monday. In another eight weeks, I would be able to get back to business which means I should be able to catch the flight to England.”
 Shoaib Akhtar - “I'm feeling strong as I've been doing gym work five to six days a week, not every day as the body needs a day or two to recover from all the workouts. I don't want to overdo it.”
 Shoaib Akhtar - “It gets your blood going, the adrenaline is pumping, you're in a fight. To me, that's what test cricket is all about.”
 Shoaib Akhtar - “I am going to Australia next week to have a specialist's opinion on the two injured knees and if they advise an operation then I will go through it and hopefully get fit for the England tour.”
 Shoaib Akhtar - “They have a very good attack, so we would not focus on any one bowler.”
 Shoaib Akhtar - “He (Chappell) needs to respect the ICC more and understand what they have said about my bowling action. It's disappointing that he chose to bring this issue up again.”