My Favorite Quotes
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 Jerry Akins - “They were wonderful. We had heard that the President and Laura were nice people, but they were a lot nicer than we thought. We were kept in the dark about this until just an hour before.”
 Jerry Akins - “Even if the building inspector says there's something wrong with it, it's gonna stay there.”
 Ladreda Akins - “We've gotten a lot more people involved (since King's injury). Their roles changed. I knew they all had it in them.”
 Jerry Akins - “People had been scouting us for over a week prior to coming here, telling us they were from FOX News, telling us their producers were interested, and they'd get in touch with us. We found out later, they were all secret service agents checking us out.”
 Jerry Akins - “We're building (our house) as close as we can to the Dade County, Fla., codes. It's about the strictest code in the country.”