My Favorite Quotes
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 Ahmed Akkari - “I want to be on live TV with the prime minister. I want to explain what we think about the violence.”
 Ahmed Akkari - “We have a problem with several media taking only a part of the reality and not the whole picture. Some media in the world are more critical towards what's happening than others. It depends on the journalist, it depends how much information they have about the case and which perspective they are asking you from. All of these things can play a role.”
 Ahmed Akkari - “We lack a clear statement where the newspaper apologizes for the offense and stand by it.”
 Ahmed Akkari - “I guess we took the illustrations to influential people so they could help. Is it so tough giving an apology”
 Ahmed Akkari - “We want either an apology or some kind of explanation as to why they chose to do the cartoons.”