My Favorite Quotes
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 Wasim Akram - “He is looking good and I think he'll be a handful for the Indians if we prepare pitches with some carry and bounce for the Tests. He is a pure match-winner and he can win matches for you. I think he'll be a vital player in the coming series.”
 Munir Akram - “what happens in the development section ... will influence positions on other parts of the document.”
 Munir Akram - “I think there is consternation and perhaps a sense of injury at the tone and substance of the letter.”
 Munir Akram - “Pakistan is against nonproliferation because it is always accompanied by disarmament. If disarmament is applied to some countries and not others, it will be dangerous to the security of the world This is not an issue of reaching compromises on language, this is an issue of national security.”
 Munir Akram - “They have been there for 25 or 30 years, every document on development. I don't think the world can change directions on a pinhead.”
 Wasim Akram - “If I can live life the way I want to, why can't you do it.”
 Wasim Akram - “It is nice to see women play cricket. I am very amazed at watching Indian girls doing so brilliantly and with every chance the Pakistani girls will also improve.”
 Munir Akram - “It is understandable that the patience of some important members of the Security Council is running out. All people of goodwill desire that all the possibilities for a peaceful resolution of this crisis should be exhausted before the council may decide to bring into play the enforcement mechanism. The decision for the use of force cannot be an easy one for anyone. For Pakistan, an Islamic country from the region, such a decision will be a most difficult one. And we would therefore like to see every effort exhausted for a peaceful resolution of this crisis.”
 Munir Akram - “Will we yield on the MDG ... No, I don't think so. I think that MDG is now a concept, a slogan if you will, that has captured the imagination of common people around the world.”
 Munir Akram - “We are looking at very, very difficult negotiations in the days ahead, ... strong positions, and many of us do have very strongly held positions. That's the nature of the game. My only regret is we didn't get into the negotiations early enough.”
 Munir Akram - “We are looking at very, very difficult negotiations in the days ahead,”
 Wasim Akram - “Bangladesh have shown they have the talent and ability to play against any side in the world if they apply themselves, as they did (on the first day). It was a dream start.”