My Favorite Quotes
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 Nasser al-Kidwa - “There was no way to give up or go a step backward by giving up the legitimate needs of our people, including the need for international protection.”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “Aid to the Palestinian people should continue, whatever party is going to form the government.”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “Acts of resistance by Palestinians in the occupied territories against the Israeli occupation are legitimate under international law, incomparable with acts targeting Israeli civilians in Israel itself.”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “This wall is not about security. It's about entrenching the occupation and the de facto annexation of large areas of Palestinian land,”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “This wall is not about security. It's about entrenching the occupation and the de facto annexation of large areas of Palestinian land.”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “Israel's constant attempts to draw such parallels and to exploit the international fight against terrorism must be rejected.”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “We thought that the Israeli side had nothing to hide. Obviously they do.”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “We are back to square one. We believe that the council will respond hopefully in a better way tomorrow.”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “A small victory was achieved for Palestine today, and we thank you all for that. That shall be a big victory.”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “The overwhelming majority of the council do support our request and do understand the gravity of the situation.”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “Arafat wasn't an obstacle for the peace process, ... He was an obstacle to plans that were unacceptable to the Palestinians.”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “It is imperative for the international community to take measures in order to confront these Israeli policies and actions.”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “We can't speculate about the result of the elections but the political programs (of the Israeli parties) are clear and most of them are not conducive to reaching a real peace.”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “We are making it clear that, for us, the central issue is actual need of cessation of settlement activities and construction of the wall,”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “Today, 10 more martyrs have fallen in the occupied territories, two of them children under 18,”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “Unless a range of problems in the Gaza Strip is resolved, it will turn into a huge prison camp,”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “The international media somehow portray the situation as if the Israeli side is making huge concessions, going out from Gaza and not listening to what's happening in the West Bank, to what Israel has been doing,”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “We are convinced that some members of the Israeli army who committed crimes of war must be brought to trial and punished for that,”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “Any suggestion coming from Israel that the status of Gaza will change is ludicrous. They are controlling the borders, the air, the water, and we need approval for the crossing points and everything else. So Gaza still remains part of the occupied Palestinian territory.”
 Nasser al-Kidwa - “We tried our best to stop these kinds of attacks through dialogue, but we also made it clear that, if need be, we will have to try to put an end to such attacks by force, ... Hopefully, we will not have to do such things, and hopefully all Palestinian factions will remain committed to our agreement with regard to the ceasefire.”