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 Jawad al-Maliki - “I believe that in the next 15 days we can have a new government and present it to parliament.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “We are working for the sake of a national unity government. All the different groups that are in government must have the right to participate in making decisions.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “Dialogue has started between us and between the slates that won in the elections. Our goal is to form a broad-based national unity government.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “I think we'll be able to overcome the differences, I hope we'll do it before the next deadline, during this week,”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “We didn't say a week randomly. We thought a week was enough to solve the problems.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “We do not accept to be blackmailed. For those who say to us, if you don't give us what we want, the terrorism will not stop, we will stop the negotiations for a long time.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “We hope they will review their position, because if they do not, it will damage the atmosphere of unity we have in this critical time.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “He told the alliance today that it was up to it to decide. Now it will be the alliance which will decide.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “We reached today the final limit beyond which we can't move any further.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “The great thing will be if I succeed in cementing national unity and regaining security, stability and services. We have been able to accomplish several things today, and with these accomplishments we shall complete the building of the new Iraq on the basis of freedom, equality, plurality for all.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “There will be no re-vote of the elections.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “What's left is the voting. It's up to them (the Sunnis). They either object, vote against it or accept it.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “Weapons should be only the hands of the government.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “We need to protect Iraq and the world against terrorists.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “If we can reach unity between all the components of the people, the canals of terrorism will dry up.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “His eminence stressed two points first, the importance of the Alliance, its survival and its unity, and second, the necessity of adhering to the decisions that came out of the Alliance.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “We suspended today's meetings to discuss the formation of the government because of what happened at the al-Mustafa mosque.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “We cannot ignore the facts on the ground. Democracy means accepting the opinion of the majority. They should accept the other and the outcome of the ballot boxes. The Sunnis need to take this into consideration.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “Yes, the draft is ready,”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “The door is open for dialogue with our brothers and partners because we believe that Iraq cannot stand up without its main components.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “I demand a full investigation of this crime.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “We weren't really surprised by these attacks. They prove that the terrorism which rages in Iraq has also become a real threat to other countries, including those which have closed their eyes on what is going on in our country.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “The government needs to act quickly to take control of the security issues and keep it all under the Iraq's control.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “The Alliance calls for a rapid restoration of (control of) security matters to the Iraqi government.”
 Jawad al-Maliki - “When we penned the changes, we did not give consideration to the opposition by these groups. These people are not going to succeed in bringing down the constitution.”

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